7 Things You Should Do Everyday

7 Things You Should Do Everyday

7 Things You Should Do Everyday

#1 Drink a Cup of Warm/Hot Lemon Water

There are so many benefits to drinking lemon water every morning—from cleansing your system to supporting a healthy liver—I would have to write an entire article to list them all.  Squeeze half a lemon in warm/hot water, and drink it every morning as a simple way to support health in your body. Need to know more?  Read this article.

#2 Converse with God

Relationships are about talking, listening, and just spending time together.  We understand that when it comes to human relationships, but somehow tend to think that since God is God, He knows everything about us, so we don’t really need to take time to talk to Him.  Wrong!  He longs to hear from us, He desires to speak to us, and He wants to just spend time with us.  Never neglect this time.  It is the backbone of all life.

#3 Lay Hands on Your Children and Spouse and Pray/Prophesy Over Them

Laying on of hands and praying over your family is a very, VERY Biblical action which is missing from a lot of modern day evangelical homes.  Speaking a blessing, calling for gifts, and praying scripture over your family is spiritual warfare of the highest degree.  It will make your home a mighty fortress of God and cause your children to turn their hearts toward God and love Him.

#4 Learn Something New

Expand your mind, broaden your skills, have some fun!  Try to learn something new every single day.  Whether it’s reading a good Theological book (my favorite), learning to paint, reading about health, or trying a new recipe, do something that isn’t the “same ole, same ole” routine!

#5 Exercise for at Least 20 Minutes

I love exercise.  I hate it too, but mostly I love it.  My favorite workout right now is Revelation Wellness TV because I have access to MANY MANY different workouts, and I can do something different everyday.  I really enjoy the admonishment in the Lord and Godly inspiration sprinkled throughout these workouts as well.

Other great workouts would be T-Tapp, a wonderful wellness workout that I taught for many years.  Or getting a personal trainer online who can workout with you via Skype. I’ve worked with Jessica Vaughn and had FABULOUS results!

#6 Use High Quality Supplements

There is a lot of great supplements out there, and it’s a little overwhelming to decide which supplements would be most beneficial to you personally.  The best I can do for you is to simply share what I use daily, and why I choose these from the millions.

Most importantly, I use essential oils daily.  I feel this a big reason that my family enjoys very good health the last 4 years.  We use oils for everything you can image!  Our personal choice of essential oils is the Young Living brand.

Most days I make myself a protein drink.  I like to mix my protein powders, and I like to use plant based proteins because I have an intolerance to cows milk.  I mix Power Meal (rice based) and Hemp Protein.  I also like to add a little Maca powder for adrenal support.   I’ve recently started taking JuvaPower in Pineapple juice and JuvaTone tablets everyday as well to support my liver.  I will probably do this for a month on, two months off, or some such schedule.

Other supplements I use off and on, listening to my Body’s needs include:  Gaia herbs adrenal and thyroid supplements. I LOVE enzymes Essentialzyme and Detoxzyme.  I also love Super B for energy.  I give this to my teenage daughter when she needs it as well.  Life 5 probiotics is something I try to take every evening before bed, on an empty stomach.  And of course, I drink NingXia Red every single day for antioxidant support and energy!  All Young Living Supplements can be purchased with a Wholesale account which you can get here! Open a Wholesale Account  Young Living produces the highest quality supplements which are used overseas at health clinics for chronic diseases not mentioned here. 😉

#7 Connect with Friends

Relationship is very important.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in your life, and in your world, and what your doing and not cultivate the relationships in front of you.  This is especially dangerous for those of us in the online world.  God placed you in your location for a reason.  The people in your circle are there for YOU to connect with, and love on.  Don’t miss out on them!

Anti-Inflammation Venison Stew

Anti-Inflammation Venison Stew

If you’re going to go to the trouble of hunting, cleaning, processing and storing wild game, then you’d better be prepared to keep it healthy and nourishing when you cook it for your family.  I don’t get it when people are given the gift of pure, natural, meat at it’s finest, then they pump it full of horrible chemicals.  Why?  You can make sausages, jerky and dishes of all kinds without any chemicals.

We eat wild meat almost exclusively at our house, so we’re always creating new recipes for delicious suppers.  This stew is no exception.  My 13 year old daughter and I created it one night out of a chunk of venison tenderloin.  With the addition of fresh turmeric and garlic, it’s a great supportive dish for inflammatory conditions!!!

Anti-Inflammatory Venison Stew

  • 1 Pound Venison Stew Meat or Bite Size Steak
  • 3/4 Cup Spelt Flour (or white flour of your choice)
  • Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Red Palm or preferred sauté oil
  • 1 Quart (4 cups) Organic Broth (either chicken, beef or vegetable)
  • 2 Cups Water
  • 2 Organic Carrots sliced
  • 2 Sticks Organic Celery sliced
  • 3-4 Cloves Organic Garlic
  • 1 inch Fresh Organic Turmeric Root, grated (I was practically dancing in the store isle when I found they carried it!)
  • 1 teaspoon Organic Dried or Fresh Basil
  • 1 Teaspoon Organic Dried or Fresh Thyme
  • 1 Bunch Green Onions
  • Sea Salt to taste

Chop your meat into bite sized chunks, then toss it in a plastic bag, add the flour and shake it!  Meanwhile, heat your sauté oil in a deep stock pot.  Add the meat/flour mixture to the pot and cook until the meat is brown, about 5 minutes.  Add carrots, celery, garlic, and Turmeric and cook another 1-2 minutes.  Add all remaining ingredients, EXCEPT the green onions.  You’ll add the onions right before serving to maintain their fresh flavor.

Simmer over a low heat until veggies are soft.  Depending on the cut of meat you used, you may pre-simmer just the meat for 30-60 minutes BEFORE adding the vegetables to tenderize the meat.  Since we used tenderloin, it didn’t need more time then the carrots. =)

Add green onions and serve!  We enjoyed ours with fresh hot spelt biscuits and used them like crackers to make a personal “pot pie.”

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Happy Thanksgiving & A Mint Brownie Recipe

Happy Thanksgiving & A Mint Brownie Recipe

Dear Readers,

Thank you for being a faithful reader.  Over the last 4 years, it’s you the reader that makes blogging worthwhile!  You’ve blessed me in so many ways…with your encouraging notes, comments and interaction on Facebook.  My life has been EXTREMELY enriched because of the relationships I’ve grown with you!

Whatever you may be doing tomorrow, I pray that it is blessed beyond what you anticipate. 

My Husband and I would like to bless you with waking up each morning knowing that the Living God is sustaining, strengthening, and renewing your Spirit for the opportunities and problems you face each day. God never sleeps, so you can rest in confidence and “laugh at the days to come.” You will be clothed with grace and joy as you rest in His unchanging and unfathomable love for you.  

We pray that you will experience the wholeness that comes from hosting the Presence of God in your life each day. You are certainly a child of God Most High, and we pray that you will KNOW that in your innermost being to a deeper and fuller extend this Thanksgiving!

With much love!

Kayla & John Howard 


Best Pumpkin Pie EVER!

Best Pumpkin Pie EVER!

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, and Christmas to follow, this seemed the perfect time to share my favorite pumpkin pie recipe.  This is a recipe I adapted from Saveur Magazine, and the recipe was originally called “Maple Pumpkin Brulee Pie.”  Truly, the consistency of this pie is more chiffon or creamy than usual pumpkin pie, but it’s not too wet or goopy at all.  I love the nice maple flavor and melt-in-your-mouth creaminess!  

Notes on ingredients:

#1 Use your favorite pie crust recipe.  If you are gluten free, dairy free, etc… you’ll likely have a favorite recipe.  I’m going to include my favorite butter spelt crust recipe at the bottom. 

#2 Coconut Cream comes in small 6oz cans.  I use Native Forest brand and purchase it by the case.  This brand works beautifully for whipping cream as well!  Native Forest Coconut Cream

#3 If you’ve followed me for a while, then you know I also grind my own cinnamon.  I’m insane about this—it’s AMAZING and I can’t go back to pre-ground cinnamon.  I use REAL cinnamon, not cassia cinnamon.  You can buy that from Amazon as well.  I grind mind in a coffee grinder.

#4 If you don’t eat eggs, you can replace those with your favorite egg replacer and enjoy an egg free version.

#5 Sea salt is IMPORTANT.  It’s vital.  Really, there are some things you can’t compromise if you want good flavor and I firmly believe this is critical. 😉

Maple Pumpkin PieThe Recipe

1 Pie Crust
1/2 Coconut Sugar or Maple Sugar (or 1/4 of each)
2 Eggs
1 15-oz can organic pumpkin puree
1 cup coconut cream (May use coconut milk if you don’t have coconut cream)
1/4 cup maple syrup, grade b is best
2 1/2 tablespoons potato starch
2 1/2 teaspoons (fresh) ground cinnamon
1 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger
1 teaspoon grated nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground clove
1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1/4 cup Demerara sugar (optional)

Heat oven the 375 degress. Prepare your pie crust, and place in pie pan. (My recipe for pie crust below). Chill 30 minutes.

Whisk sugars and eggs in a bowl until pale and fluffy. Add pumpkin, coconut cream, syrup, potato starch, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove, and salt; whisk until smooth. Pour into pie shell, then bake just until the center is set, about 45-50 minutes. Cool on rack, then refrigerate. Before serving you may optionaly sprinkle with the Demerara sugar and fire with a blowtorch to create a crunchy, yummy caramelized top!

Serve with whipped coconut cream, sweetened with maple sugar & vanilla.  Chill coconut cream before whipping for best results. 

Kayla’s Buttery Spelt Crust

(enough for 2 crusts)

 2 1/4 cup white spelt flour (VitaSpelt brand is what I use)

1 heaping teaspoon sea salt

12 Tablespoons cold butter

6-ish Tablespoons cold water

Cut butter into dry ingredients, slow add water until a ball forms, shape on floured surface. 

Let me know what you think!




 Kayla Howard loves doing business from her home in the woods where she is the master real food chef, homeschool teacher, goat shepherdess, head gardener and holds a certificate of studies from The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy Her passion is vibrant health in beautiful homes! www.kaylahoward.com

Einkorn, Emmer & Spelt Hamburger Buns

Einkorn, Emmer & Spelt Hamburger Buns

Hamburger Buns with Ancient Grains

(Einkhorn, Emmer, Spelt or Kamut)

We’ve always eaten 80% clean at our house.  When we are home, we make it from scratch.  Very lately I’ve been playing with Paleo, and other very, VERY clean recipes.  We are also branching out into using more Emmer and Einkhorn.  

If you’ve been here awhile, you know that up until know we use all spelt or kamut flour in breads here at our house.  But I have to tell you– both Einkhorn and Emmer are DELICIOUS!!  They have wonderful nutty flavors and make fabulous breads.

My favorite way to use these flours is in a mix. Personally, I grind my flour fresh, so I will grind a cup each of these flours all together to use in buns and breads.  

So If you’re itching to make homemade hamburger buns with AMAZING nutty flavor and texture for the coming BBQ season— try a batch of these!

Ancient Grain Hamburger Buns

4 c. warm water

1 c. oil (I prefer olive oil)

1/2 c. honey 

3/4 instant potatoes (or mashed potatoes.  You can also omit this entirely!)

6 Tablespoons (yes, tablespoons) yeast. (I will only use Saf Yeast)

Mix and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes.


3 Eggs (or the equivalent egg replacement)

1 tablespoon sea salt

8 c. flour (I used a mixture of Einkhorn, Emmer, & Spelt. I also added a couple cups of VitaSpelt White Flour)

Knead 5 minutes, do not over knead.  Allow to rise until doubled.  Roll out to half the desired thickness of finished bun.  Cut into rounds using a cookies cutter, biscuit cutter, measuring cup etc.. whatever size you want your buns.  Place on greased cookie sheets and allow to rise 10-15 minutes.  Bake in 400 degree oven for 15 minutes.  Cool, slice and enjoy a juice hamburger!  Also makes great sandwich buns. 

NOTE: This dough makes a great quick pizza dough…although as a dough lover, I prefer the tiniest big of yeast and a 12-24 hour rise on pizza dough for that FABULOUS developed flavor.  

profile829With Love,


Spelt & Kamut Blueberry Muffins Recipe

imageI love muffins!  Of all breakfast foods, muffins are my favorite.  We also love spelt flour.  In fact, we've switched to 100% spelt (or Kamut) flour in our diet for about a year.  Now when we eat regular wheat products, we notice digestive upset.  

People have a lot of questions about using Spelt or Kamut flour as a replacement for regular wheat flour.  Questions like…

Is Spelt and Kamut gluten free?

The short answer to that question is, no. However, there is a long answer which explains why Spelt or Kamut may be more easily tolerated by people who are sensitive to wheat. A quick Google search will reveal copious amounts of information about the difference between spelt and wheat and why it's easier to digest. Really, I didn't believe it until I felt the effects in my own body!

Can you use spelt or kamut like regular wheat flour?

YES! FOR SURE!  It works cup for cup just like wheat flour!

That said, I posted a picture of my latest muffin creation on Facebook recently and had many requests for the recipe.  So whether your brand new to spelt, or looking to expand you usage of this delicious grain, I have a great recipe to share!

Spelt & Kamut Blueberry Muffins

1 1/2 cups Fresh Ground Spelt (or purchase at your local health food store)

1/2 cup Fresh Ground Kamut (or purchase at your local health food store)

1/2 cup Maple Sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon sea salt


1 Egg

1/4 melted butter

1 cup coconut milk

1 cup frozen or fresh blueberries

Mix all dry ingredients, then add wet ingredients and mix until all incorporated, but do not overmix.  Drop into greased muffin tins (we like muffin tops!) and bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.  Enjoy!

Apply Cinnamon Variation: Add 1 chopped apply & 1 teaspoon cinnamon in place of blueberries.

profile829Kayla Howard loves doing business from her home in the woods where she is the master real food chef, homeschool teacher, goat shepherdess, head gardener and holds a certificate of studies from The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy Her passion is vibrant health in beautiful homes! www.kaylahoward.com