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September 27, 12pm

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The Medicine in Your Backyard

Look out your window…What do you see in your backyard?

  • Tonics?
  • Liver support?
  • Immune system support?

It’s there in the most simple and seemingly mundane plants.

Grab your notebook and listen in on this discussion with Herbalist Ashley Glassman about what plants you can harvest and prepare for your natural medicine cabinet right from your own backyard.

Einkhorn Sourdough

  • How to make your starter from scratch.
  • Where to get Einkorn flour.
  • Making your first sourdough loaf.
  • Maintaining your starter.
  • Why Einkorn is good for your gut.
  • Delicious variations for your sourdough loaves.
  • And more!!!!

Naturally Prepared Living

Simple Survival Tips from My Home in the Woods

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