Solé (pronounced “so-lay”) is water that has been fully saturated with sea salt or pink salt. It works as a super-hydrating electrolyte tonic for the body.

Salt has been demonized in many health circles, but the truth is that salt is necessary for a number of bodily functions – specifically related to hydration, adrenals and a healthy nervous system. The type of salt you use is important; regular table salt is highly refined, striped of minerals and sometimes bleached. Ew. Your body needs minimally processed salt, just the way God made it.

Benefits of Solé Include:

  1. Boosts Energy
  2. Helps Muscle Cramps (my favorite use!)
  3. Helps Hydrate the Body
  4. Helps Reduce Sugar Cravings

Step 1: Dissolve about 1 cup natural, minimally processed salt into 1 quart of clean water. Wait overnight.

Step 2: If on the next day all the salt is dissolved, add more salt and wait overnight. Continue this process until some salt remains on the bottom. That’s when you know the water is fully saturated.

You can store this at room temperature, it won’t go bad. Use 1 tsp in water every morning, or as needed. Add fresh lemon juice to make your water even more hydrating!


*Always consult your primary care physician or naturopath before beginning any dietary supplementation. Avoid taking sole if you already have high blood pressure levels or other underlying health conditions that could be exacerbated by excess salt intake.




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