Dear Moms, Dads, Chefs, Essential oil Users around the world, and those who want to know more about using essential oils—

Traditionally, essential oils have been used in skin applications and aromatherapy. People associate essential oils with high end spas and lotions or potions. But the truth is, essential oils are wonderful for all kinds of applications!!

As stay at home moms who love natural well-being, we have teamed up to bring you two of our favorite things…essential oils and cooking with our favorite recipes.

Many essential oils are certified (GRAS) as safe to be added to foods. We will show you how to cook simple healthy meals and how to add essential oils to make your meals even more flavorful and nutritious ! In this fun and frank eBook, not only do you get 50+ recipes, but we discuss safety of oils, specific uses and sometimes we’ll even share from our very different points of view.

Even if you’ve never used essential oils, you’ll have fun learning how they can be a great and powerful flavor enhancer.

It’s totally free. Print it off and get cooking!

Our favorites are just the beginning– these 50 basic recipes will be a platform for you to incorporate EO’s into your daily life.

Learn how, when and what brand of essential oils are considered safe for internal consumption.

Learn how to confidently add essential oils to your own beloved recipes.