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wherever she walks
the fragrance of heaven
is released in the atmosphere

"...The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."

"Kayla, I have watched the first 4 videos today, and they are great! Very helpful! In fact, I got antsy and started messing around with a new graphic, and it came out soooo much better than my previous ones, thanks to your tutelage. My 10-yo daughter came in when I was working on it and enjoyed helping me out as well. I could show you a previous image, but that would be downright embarrassing. lol” "

− Mindy

"“Kayla Howard your Pic Monkey trainings have totally revolutionized my business!! I have used them for my blog, FB page, blog titles, eBooks, everything! I am so thankful that you shared your knowledge and skill! I find Pic Monkey to be so easy now- but I never would have before. You’ve made it so simple, and I am NOT graphically inclined whatsoever! Thank you thank you!!” "

− Catherine

"“I am literally sitting over here in tears after just finishing video #6. I have been sitting on recipes for YEARS, recipes that people have been begging me to put out, because I can’t take a good enough photo to save my life and hiring someone to do it while making all of that food all at one time is just far too overwhelming in both time and money for me….. This training has helped to release a lot of angst, and frustration, and overwhelm. So for Kayla, THANK YOU, hugely and truly, for doing this training! I for one desperately needed it!” "

− Sunshine

Does the idea of doing

business online from your home

appeal to you?  

It should, because in today’s economy,

it’s totally accessible to anyone!  

All you need to create a successful business

online is passion and consistency. 

In 2015 you can have

the opportunity to work with me

while building your own unique business based on essential oils.

-Kayla Howard

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7 Things You Should Do Everyday

7 Things You Should Do Everyday

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#1 Drink a Cup of Warm/Hot Lemon Water There are so many benefits to drinking lemon water every morning—from cleansing your system to supporting a healthy liver—I would have to write an entire article to list them all.  Squeeze half a lemon in warm/hot water, and drink it every morning as a simple way to support health in your body. Need to know more?  Read this article. #2 Converse with God Relationships are about talking, listening, and just spending time together.  We understand that when it comes to human relationships, but somehow tend to think that since God is God, He knows…

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1 Hour

Free Business Coaching with Kayla

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During the month of April, get a 1 hour complimentary business coaching call with Kayla when you start your Young Living business!   Does the idea of doing business online from your home appeal to you? It should, because in today’s economy, it’s totally accessible to anyone!  All you need to create a successful business online is passion and consistency.  Listen, it makes absolutely no sense to build a business around something that you’re not passionate about.  It’s simply a recipe for failure. My passion is natural health, building real relationships with honor, and most importantly, being a conduit for God’s infinite...
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Attractive casual student lying on grass taking notes on campus

True Confessions About Young Living Oils

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This is it.  My true confessions about Young Living, their oils, their company, and the whole idea of Network Marketing. Brace yourself. Confession #1 -I Have Wondered if Essential Oils are Legitimate  For real? Sniffing something makes my body more healthy? (Arches eyebrow) For real? Even after I started using Young Living essential oils, I wondered if they REALLY were the best, or if they really were just hype.  I got results…but…I needed to know.  Do we really make great oils?  Do we really make a pure product?  Is there something better than what we offer out there? I don’t…

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How To Create AWESOME Canva Images for Social Media

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How to Create Awesome Images in Canva for FREE How to Quickly Create Professional Looking Layers What's Trendy How to Use an Image Over and Over (saving lots of $$) How to Quickly Mix Fonts for a Tailored Look How to Use Canva totally FREE This is just a taste of what we did on the Insiders Guide to Social Media Images webinar!  In today's training, I will show you how to create a beautiful image for Facebook using Canva--TOTALLY FREE.   Enjoy!
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How to Speak God’s Promises Over Your Life

By | Random Ideas | 2 Comments

How to Speak God’s Promises Over Your Life The importance of agreeing with what God’s Word says about you will literally change your life.  This article came about because of a dream I had.  Well, there is a lot more to it than a dream–it’s a season of life that I’ve been walking through—but the dream brought it into reality this week. In my dream, every “scene” or picture had a rainbow in it.  Whether it was in a doorway, in the corner, in a picture on a wall–there was rainbows all over my dreams all night long!  And I…

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Don’t Let Your Struggle Become Your Identity

By | Random Ideas | One Comment

Don’t Let Your Struggle Become Your Identity I am headache. I am overwhelm. I am running behind. I am never good enough. I am stuck in this pattern and can’t be free. Every time we confirm our struggle, we make it our identity and in turn, give it greater hold in our life. You are not a problem. Truthfully, the battle begins in your mind. You were chosen by God to be free and bear fruit.   Waging this battle is not easy—no!  It is after all, a battle.  However, as children of God, we have access to all the tools…

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New Graphic Design Program; My Youzign Review

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Youzign; A New Graphic Design Program My Review A couple weeks ago, I was contacted my Youzign and offered the opportunity to try out a brand new graphics software.  If you know me, you know I DID IT, because I really love making graphics!!!  Here follows my review of Youzign as it compares to other popular online graphics software, specially PicMonkey and Canva. ↓ WATCH THE VIDEO REVIEW HERE ↓

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Installing Extra Fonts for PicMonkey

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Installing Extra Fonts for PicMonkey (Video Tutorial) Have you ever felt frustrated by the lack of “just the right” font while creating graphics online?  If you’re like me, you may just be looking for a less common font to use when branding yourself or your logo. In this video tutorial I will quickly show you how to install your own font on PicMonkey so that you can use it on all your graphic creations! Free Graphic Editing Tool PicMonkey Free Fonts at DaFont (mentioned in the video)

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