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Kayla, I have watched the first 4 videos today, and they are great! Very helpful! In fact, I got antsy and started messing around with a new graphic, and it came out soooo much better than my previous ones, thanks to your tutelage. My 10-yo daughter came in when I was working on it and enjoyed helping me out as well. I could show you a previous image, but that would be downright embarrassing. lol”


“Kayla Howard your Pic Monkey trainings have totally revolutionized my business!! I have used them for my blog, FB page, blog titles, eBooks, everything! I am so thankful that you shared your knowledge and skill! I find Pic Monkey to be so easy now- but I never would have before. You’ve made it so simple, and I am NOT graphically inclined whatsoever! Thank you thank you!!”


“I am literally sitting over here in tears after just finishing video #6. I have been sitting on recipes for YEARS, recipes that people have been begging me to put out, because I can’t take a good enough photo to save my life and hiring someone to do it while making all of that food all at one time is just far too overwhelming in both time and money for me….. This training has helped to release a lot of angst, and frustration, and overwhelm. So for Kayla, THANK YOU, hugely and truly, for doing this training! I for one desperately needed it!”

How to Turn Your Hobby into a home business

How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Home Business

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Have you ever wondered… “can I make money with this hobby of mine?”  “Are my skills worth anything in the business market?” The answer is “YES!” Yes to everyone, and each person–because you all have something unique and special to offer.  You might even offer the same product as someone else, but do it in a different way.  Listen, the opportunity truly is endless for those who are willing to be authentic and work hard. Since I was 13, I have had a business of some kind.  It started out as a piano studio, turned into fitness training, and is…

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portrait of beautiful young woman

We’re Looking for People

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We are accepting applications here at Kayla Howard, LLC and want to hear from you if you qualify. MOMPRENEURS! The ones who work hard, continually learn, are always looking for ways and people they can help, who love wellness and health – THIS is what we’re looking for! What’s your hearts desire? We wanna know! If you’re a rockstar and think you have what it takes to join our team, understand our culture, are not a whiner, don’t need hand holding and want to transform your finances, than we want you to apply! Please NOTE:  We take all applicants through a DETAILED interview process.  Kayla will call you call to…

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gave goat beer

I Gave My Goat a Beer

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You read that right.  And yes I really did– I gave my goat a beer. We own goats.  3 does, 1 buck and now 3 babies.  We also own 4 horses, 2 dogs, 3 cats and who knows how many chickens.  Every single one of our animal gets to experience my obsession with natural solutions to wellness.  And guess what, they LOVE it! This time of year is kidding season for the goats and I have a couple older does who are going to retire after this year.  One of those does ended up having a hard birth, which meant…

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Home-based Business

Supporting Your Wife in your Home-based Business

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Dear Husbands, if your wife has a desire to operate a home-based business, this is our message to you: EMPOWER her because you are a team! Get My FREE eBook for Women in Business! (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//forms.aweber.com/form/58/1589126558.js"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-km2gk4i3e"));
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DIY Real Pain Relief

Real Pain Relief

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Low back pain, tailbone pain, knee pain, foot pain… at some point in our life, most of us experience some kind of mild–or even severe chronic pain. We may visit Chiropractors or massage therapists in an attempt to eliminate the pain, only to find it returns without regular care.  Is there any way we can “hold our healing”?  This subject totally lights me up!!!  What is it about how we move, how we hold ourselves, and how we strengthen ourselves that causes reduction in pain, or increase in pain?  Is it possible to simply strengthen, release or change the way we move to…

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Essential Oils in the Bible

12 Essential Oils Found in the Bible & Their Uses

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12 Essential Oils Found in the Bible & Their Uses Essential oils and aromatic herbs were HIGHLY esteemed and daily used by the Hebrews, Jews, early Christians and their neighbors. 46 books of the Bible mention essential oils or aromatic plants!  If the use of aromatics was supportive of wellness then, it is supportive of wellness now. I passionately believe that the addition of essential oils to every home will transform lives!  Here are 12 of the most commonly mentioned oils in the bible: Aloes (or Sandalwood) Used traditionally as incense in religious ceremonies and for meditation, this oil is uplifting and relaxing....
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Important Answers about Young Living Essential Oils that You Need to Know

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Important Answers about Essential Oils that You Need to Know Since the brith of the internet, information explosion has overcome us.  The fact that people can lie, tell the truth, and basically say ANYTHING they want about everything makes finding the truth really challenging.  Today I want to address some basic questions people have about Young Living oils.   Does Young Living use pesticides? We do not use pesticides at our Young Living farms or our partner farms. Both our farm practices and finished products are held to strict standards, and with the measures we have in place, we feel...
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Essential Oils

5 Ways to Learn More About Essential Oils

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5 Ways to Learn More about Essential Oils Personally, I believe one of the best ways to learn something is to passionately pursue teaching it to yourself.  Obviously to do that, you need to find experts to learn from, and places with great information. Although teaching about essential oils is something I'm passionate about doing, I am restricted in what I can say here on my website in order to protect you from misinformation...basically... the government wants to protect you from people who would dupe you into buying something that didn't work.  And that is not a bad thing! In...
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