9 of My Favorite Books and Why They Made the List

9 of My Favorite Books and Why They Made the List  #1 The Bible, God’s Holy Word.  I confess, I’m not a stickler about specific versions.  My most read Bible that I own happens to be a New Living Translation.  Although I was raised on King James, the NLT became like a breath of freshRead More


Who else want dramatically improved health in their home?

Dear Mom’s Dad’s and Those Seeking Better Health the way God Intended It, After 3 Years, I’m even more passionate about natural health today than the very first time an essential oil made a dramatic difference in how I felt. I remember the day clear as if it was yesterday…it was one of those hot,Read More

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Teaching Children to Hear God in 3 Simple Steps

Teaching Children to Hear God in 3 Simple Steps by Kayla Howard #1 Buy them a journal that is fun, mysterious, lock & key, –you name it–just make it what they like. My kids all have different journals.  My oldest daughter has a leather journal that is almost like a medieval book from ages past.Read More


Party Highlights and NEW Programs!

Last night we had a packed out party on Facebook teaching Essential oil 101!  So today, I just wanted to highlight a few of the things we learned!!! With Love,  Kayla Topic #1 What is a pure essential oil? Essential oils are special entities!   Essential oils are the life blood of plants. The next time youRead More

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Air Travel Made Easier with Oils

Air Travel Made Easier with Oils …in less than 60 seconds! Ever been on an airplane surround by coughing, hacking and sniffling?   Most of us have unfortunately totally been there and done that.  Today my friend Mary and I share tips on how to use essential oils to stay healthy while flying.  Specific techniques included!!!   Enjoy!Read More


Free Book Giveaway! Oils for Pets

Guess what I just bought at the book store in at the Young Living convention!?!?!?!?!   10 just released books on how to use essential oils on pets!  “No Vet for My Pet; Basic First Aid Using Essential Oils” by Salina Bhimji   We are learning so much here about essential oils.  In fact, tomorrowRead More

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Recovering from Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

  Recovering from Adrenal Fatigue Naturally By Kayla Howard Adrenal Fatigue is a phrase that personally, I heard with some level of disdain.  Everywhere I looked it seemed like everyone was yapping about adrenal fatigue this, and adrenal fatigue that.  They were talking about how they could’t function like a normal human—as if it wasRead More

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Interview with Rebecca Halton

Kayla had the honor of being interviewed by Rebecca Halton on "Less-Stressed Writers Series" –Watch the interview here! Tips for using essential oils as a writer. Links to recipes. Links to continuing education. Business Tips And MORE!

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3 Ways to Use PicMonkey for Social Media

3 Ways to use PicMonkey for Social Media by Kayla Howard Have you heard about PicMonkey ( and started dabbling with this powerful photo tool?  Whether you have, or not, today I have 3 important tips for using PicMonkey to create great things for your social media profiles.  Psst!! You can apply these tips toRead More


Episode #24 -Buzz OFF!

  Kayla Howard TV  Episode #24 -Buzz OFF! Tis' the season for ticks & misquotes!  Repel them without nasty chemicals — natural essential oils for bug repellent! A natural insect repellent!! Oils mentioned in the video: Purification Purification® can be used directly on the skin to cleanse and soothe insect bites, cuts, and scrapes. WhenRead More

spelt einhorn burger buns recipe

Einkorn, Emmer & Spelt Hamburger Buns

Hamburger Buns with Ancient Grains (Einkhorn, Emmer, Spelt or Kamut) We've always eaten 80% clean at our house.  When we are home, we make it from scratch.  Very lately I've been playing with Paleo, and other very, VERY clean recipes.  We are also branching out into using more Emmer and Einkhorn.   If you've beenRead More

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Work at Home Tips from 3 Busy Moms

Work at Home Tips from 3 Busy Moms Are you struggling to maintain a schedule? Does your work space make you crazy? Each of us has different gifts and talents, so we will work differently.  The important thing when working from home is that you work within your God-Given talents and abilities.   Today weRead More