Best Pumpkin Pie EVER!

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, and Christmas to follow, this seemed the perfect time to share my favorite pumpkin pie recipe.  This is a recipe I adapted from Saveur Magazine, and the recipe was originally called “Maple Pumpkin Brulee Pie.”  Truly, the consistency of this pie is more chiffon or creamy than usual pumpkinRead More

Herb Leaf Selection

3 Ways Essential Oils Are Adulterated and How You Can Tell

3 Ways Essential Oils Are Adulterated and How You Can Tell by Kayla Howard Essential oils are not cheap to make.  In fact, pure essential oils are expensive, labor intensive, and subject to all kinds of hard work.  They are pricey, as any pure product, carefully grown and extracted should be.  In order to makeRead More

Cheap Christmas Cards

How to Make Your Christmas Card Affordable -FREE Video Tutorial

How to Make Your Christmas Card Affordable FREE Video Tutorial  Have you tried the popular sites for creating beautiful cards only to get to the end of the process and realize that $200+ is just more than you want to spend on photo cards?  Sure, you could get photo cards at Walmart or other cheapRead More


31 Ways to a Healthier You

31 Ways to a Healthier You by Mary Clendenin Good health is a blessing. It usually isn’t something you think about much until you have experienced poor health that you realize how important it is. It isn’t just something we are just blessed with genetically. Even though that may play a factor, it is somethingRead More

Brand Marketing

Does Your Brand Stand Out? How to Find Your Style

Does Your Brand Stand Out?  How to Find Your Style by Kayla Howard In a world where everyone is is jostling for a place at the top of a Google search, and anyone can create a blog overnight, how do you create a brand that stands out from the crowd?  This is an important question…oneRead More


Labor Day SALE

  THIS WEEKEND ONLY  Images 101 Mentorship     It’s been a long, long time since I’ve opened up a one on one mentorship. In fact, this mentorship has been a looooong time dreaming.  I’m so excited about it!!!!!!!     Making graphics, logos, Facebook headers, website headers, buttons, you name it—that’s what I doRead More

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Don’t Hold Back Your Cherish

Don’t Hold Back Your Cherish by Kayla Howard I’ve noticed a growing trend that is starting to trouble me.  I hear a lot of clamoring about how this personality is different than that one–and that’ why this does this and that does that.  And…well, we end up spending a lot of time focusing on ourRead More

Workplace with laptop, close up

5 Insane (but true) Things About Working from Home

5 Insane (but true) Things About Working From Home by Kayla Howard Work at home parent; yes, I’m one of those.  The truth is, we are all work at home parents on some level.   Whether you’re working to get your bills paid and your budget balanced, or running an LLC from your home–we allRead More


5 Biz Tips to Grow your Young Living Business

Are you struggling to add profit to your passion? Would you love to see the world learn about the power of essential oils? Growing a business is hard work. Working from home and being there for your family isn’t easy and requires focus, determination and growing your skill set. We have all been there. WeRead More

Chalkboard - Facts And Myths

3 Myths About Essential Oils

Three Myths about Essential Oils by Kayla Howard Myth #1 They are too expensive for most people to use. This is by far the most popular myth, or misconception that I hear.  While it’s true that pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are not cheap, they are not too expensive for daily use.  Allow me toRead More


9 of My Favorite Books and Why They Made the List

9 of My Favorite Books and Why They Made the List  #1 The Bible, God’s Holy Word.  I confess, I’m not a stickler about specific versions.  My most read Bible that I own happens to be a New Living Translation.  Although I was raised on King James, the NLT became like a breath of freshRead More