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Your Perfect Essential Oil Match
You Are Orange!

Orange types of people are uplifting, harmonious, bright, sunny, luminous, lighthearted, happy-go-lucky, and at ease. This is one of the most simple, yet profound mood uplifting essential oils available. It brightens anyones day! Warming and stimulating, orange oil sheds light onto glum and gloomy areas. It is high in D-limonene, which has been extensively studied for its powerful health benefits.
You Are Pine!

Pine types of people are empowering, visionary, alert, logical, philosopher, eccentric, pacifists, knowledgeable, creative and understanding. Pine helps us feel grounded to the earth. It may help us reflect and use solid logic to sort through internal struggles. The smell of pine promotes feelings of peace and harmony. It is comforting to those in need of a vision or who have lost their footing.
You Are Angelica!

Angelica types of people are angelic, peaceful, harmonic, calm, free, optimistic, shining, good listener, restorative and comforting. Angelica helps uplift the mood and stimulate the imagination. It is good for those who lack trust and have lost vision for the future. People who benefit from Angelica may have gone through a trauma that caused them to withdraw and possibly self medicate with negative things. Angelica helps people to open up and transition toward a clear vision.
You Are Goldenrod!

Goldenrod types of people are strengthening, rugged, adaptable, trailblazers, hopeful, healers, true and prosperous. As a strong trailblazing herb, Goldenrod is indicated for those needing hope and sheer determination to press through rugged areas of life. Useful for opening the heart to being truthful, without guile or hypocrisy. Goldenrod is honest, filled with hope and open. When we live life this way, prosperity of character naturally flows.