What the Team Says

I’ve been part of the Vibrant Thymes team for more than 3 years now. In all that time, I’ve never felt pressured by Kayla: not pressured to build my business; not pressured to sign people up; not pressured to fit a “network marketing mold” or be anyone other than who I’m truly designed and destined to BE! This community of women from all walks of life and the way we cheer each other on? Priceless and so powerful. Can’t wait to have you join us!”   -Rebecca Halton

Love the culture of love and support that is fostered here. Your spirit-driven leadership is very encouraging and positive. Everyone is always encouraged to be themselves.” – Lisa Carter

“I’m brand new but what really speaks volumes to me, especially you Kayla Howard is how you are encouraging while being non threatening and when you say you will do something, you do it. Even if there is a mess up, I just feel that you have grace for yourself which empowers others to have grace for themselves. I’ve been meaning to write you a thank you card but I’ll just leave that here.

I love the feeling of being loved on and encouraged. 

Kayla you’ve created a sense of community that honors one another. You’ve made us all feel closer to each other when most have never met face to face. You have a genuine love and passion to see us all succeed and you cheer us on in that direction!”  – Lori

"This lovely group of ladies make you feel like family from the start. They are there for you, not only for business but also for general life questions. I love how easy they make running a business with just a few hours a week. Kayla is such an authentic person who helps you to prioritize your life. Family first then business!"

"I love the positive attitude that the group has and yet still talk of areas of frustration, which can help us all learn. Also great to hear from those that have grown their business and learn from them. Thanks to all of you."


"This team has not only been instrumental in my business but also my personal growth as an individual. I don’t believe many people who start a home business are thoroughly prepared to be business owners when they begin. Kayla and the resources shared in this group are being instrumental in that preparation."


“A lot of teams I have been involved with focus on money money money, and while you definitely want to work to grow financially the biggest most valuable growth promoted in this community of business people is personal, relational and spiritual growth. We are exposed to amazing tools to make LIFE better, not just our paychecks. I am forever grateful to have been nurtured in this team, I live a whole ocean away from everyone on this team and I am still able to feel the love and encouragement through our online activities. If you’re looking for a family that prays and cheers FOR growth in every part of your life THIS is the best team to work in.”  – Bethsarim

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