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portrait of beautiful young womanWe are accepting applications here at Kayla Howard, LLC and want to hear from you if you qualify.

MOMPRENEURS! The ones who work hard, continually learn, are always looking for ways and people they can help, who love wellness and health – THIS is what we’re looking for!

What’s your hearts desire? We wanna know! If you’re a rockstar and think you have what it takes to join our team, understand our culture, are not a whiner, don’t need hand holding and want to transform your finances, than we want you to apply!

Please NOTE:  We take all applicants through a DETAILED interview process.  Kayla will call you call to conduct the interview and discuss whether or not Young Living is the best fit for you.  Our business opportunity offers astounding compensation with the best natural products on the market!  Check out the Young Living Income Disclosure Statement 

Beyond that we offer unusual opportunities and experiences!

  • Visit a Young Living Farm
  • Help Plant our Plants
  • Help Harvest our Plants
  • See the Distillation Process First Hand
  • Learn from Our Founder
  • And much more!

Please fill out an application here. 

Most importantly, we are on overtly Christian team, who loves God, prays together, and desires to see people step into their destiny—which for some of you includes making TONS of money and feeding and helping LOTS of people all over the world!!!!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kayla Howard, CEO and Founder 

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