network marketingThis is it.  My true confessions about Young Living, their oils, their company, and the whole idea of Network Marketing.

Brace yourself.

Confession #1 -I Have Wondered if Essential Oils are Legitimate 

For real? Sniffing something makes my body more healthy? (Arches eyebrow) For real?

Even after I started using Young Living essential oils, I wondered if they REALLY were the best, or if they really were just hype.  I got results…but…I needed to know.  Do we really make great oils?  Do we really make a pure product?  Is there something better than what we offer out there?

I don’t want to waste my time or my money, and I especially do not want to waste my integrity selling something that isn’t the best.

After spending time at our farms, seeing the plants, seeing the distillation process, and hearing Gary Young’s heart, I was MORE THAN FULLY convinced that this is a honorable company selling a superior essential oil.

And no, he didn’t put a spell on me. 😉

Confession #2 -I Have Thought that Network Marketing Was “Criminal”

At least, that’s the best word I can think of to describe what I thought about network marketing for most of my life.  Where do we get that idea anyway?  If you think about it for 30 seconds, all marketing is networking.  All products, every single thing you buy, is marketed and sold by someone, somehow, somewhere.  Furthermore, marketing is a Biblical concept….I mean….what’s the other option? Stealing? Communism?

I think people should be able to create GREAT products with ideas that God gave them. And I think other people should help them sell these great products.  That’s all Network Marketing is…selling great products.

Confession #3 -I Have Worried About Whether Or Not I Can Help You

Will my essential oils make a difference for you like they have for me?  Can I teach you how to build the business you want?  A successful business like mine?

I worry about these things.

Recently God has been convicting me about my worry in this area.  He’s saying, “as long as you’re doubled minded about this, you’re not gonna help anyone with your oils, or help anyone really build a great business.”


How true! So with single minded focus, I want to confess; ESSENTIAL OILS WORK!  They are awesome!!!!!!!  I also confess that I have the skills and the desire to help others build a great business with this wonderful product!  In fact, I hope that you will get to come visit the farms in in Idaho, and if you do, we can hang out there together in person.  But for now, I would be honored to help you get started with your first step.  Whether you want to try using essential oils simply for the the health benefits with a wholesale account, or if you want to step out and create a whole entire culture of vibrant life in a website, I would love to be part of it!

Hit reply and tell me your hopes and dreams!  If you already like–“SIGN ME UP“—then jump over here to my webpage and let’s get started!  I can do phone calls, email, facebook support or whatever fits your lifestyle best.

Looking forward to serving you more!