Tools for Fighting Fear; Freedom to Operate in Your Gifts

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Tools for Fighting Fear; Freedom to Operate in Your Gifts

by Kayla Howard

Have you ever felt afraid? If the answer is "no" then I'm not sure you're human.  Every human on the face of the earth has felt fear.  It's natural and normal and will never be gone while we are in the world.  However, we can certainly learn to cut off fear, to not operate in fear, and to not let fear control our life.

I'm a recovered fear addict.  My normal nature is not actually one of fear; I learned how to be afraid based on life experiences. I learned how to be afraid of loss, afraid of what people think and afraid of what I might say.  Then I learned something new.

We don't have to be afraid. Fear does not need to direct out life.  And, life is so much more fulfilling, on every single level, when we choose to walk away from fear. As this journey has been 3 years in the making, I want to share some tools I have used to walk out of that dark, fearful place and into a life of joy and hope!

#1 Cut off the Influence

A key point in fighting fear is to cut off things which influence you to fear, or feed current fears.  This doesn't mean that you cut out your family members–people often want to blame the people around them for their problems—not true!  There are so many things, which create fear besides what the spirit of fear wants you to believe.  

News & Media generate A LOT of fear. In fact, it's primarily fear based.  I used to listen to talk shows and news on a daily basis.  Then everyday I carried the stress of how the world was going to end and we'd all end up in concentration camps or something radical like that. While we certainly may go through hardships, I refuse to be afraid of this.  Why would I want to enter a hardship already so afraid that I was useless for good when the time comes?  I will keep track of current world events, but I will not soak in the new and media's fears. 

Music is creepy today.  I never realized how much of our music is laced with fear until I stopped listening to mainstream music (and even a TON of Christian music).  Now when I hear something filled with fear, it stands out to me like a glaring red flag.  Be careful what subtle messages you are feeding your mind over, and over, and over again!!

People can be a cause of fear.  SOME people.  I actually strongly believe that being around people is a powerful weapon AGAINST fear–the enemy wants you to be so afraid that you isolate yourself.  However, there are some people who are deeply steeped in fear and spending a lot of time with them is not healthy for our own walk out of fear.  Choose your close friends wisely.  Choose to be around people so YOU can bring HOPE to them and love to their lives.  Be intentional about that and fear will have to leave.  

Places can also create more fear for some people.  Be aware of places which you should avoid while you are healing.  There are can be places that you may not want to go, but if you do, it will be a powerful weapon AGAINST fear.  Let me say that again, sometimes you fight fear by doing the very thing you fear. 

#2 Fear as a Spirit

A glaring omission from much training on fighting fear is that fact that fear can actually be a spirit.  Whether or not it is a literal demon is beside the point, it is a spirit, which contends for control in our life.  I have seen people (and been the person) be physically buffeted by the spirit of fear and witnessed the profound and extreme hold it has on the life of many.  

Let me rush to clarify that I do not mean to indicate that every time you feel fear, you are being demonically attacked–feeling fear is a normal part of life.  Feeling fear of an oncoming car in the wrong lane can create a reaction that saves your life.  What I'm talking about is the continual fear that follows you and plagues everything that you do. It keeps you home, away from people, and stuck inside your own head.

Jesus was rarely alone.  If we watch his life, He was continually ministering to people around him and was always teaching his disciples.  Fear will isolate you and render you useless for good.  

If you suspect that your fear is spiritually based, you may need to seek more help.  Bethel Church has a wonderful ministry called SOZO where you can receive prayer.  They have a network of people to help.  Bethel SOZO Ministry

Also, I highly recommend this training from Kris Vallotton.  Ravaging the Gates of Hell

#3 Proactive & Offensive Mind Training

Not offensive as in training your mind to offend people, offensive as in on the offensive team. Cutting things off and getting rid of spirits are very important steps, but the MOST CRITICAL step for lasting freedom is to replace, restore and rebuild.

Continually cutting things off and praying for deliverance will become a vicious cycle without the important offensive steps.  There are lots of ways you can be proactive about renewing your mind, these are ways that I personally use to creating healthy thinking patterns. 

Uplifting Music is a choice.  It's a hard choice, but it's a choice.  The world is so full of wonderful music today–the massive rise of worship music and talented musicians in every single genre is astounding.  

Podcasts of anointed leaders playing in my home and on my phone. I listen to these while I clean, while I walk and even while I sleep.  No kidding.  Personally I like teachings from Steven Furtick, Bethel Church and Graham Cooke to name a few. 

Books on truth are a massive part of my life.  I read several books per month, sometimes several books per week.  And I'm choosy about these books.  When I say I read books, I don't mean I read "Twilight" etc…  I do love a good story, but I make sure to read truth books full of the meat of God's word. 

Reading the Word of God is most critical of all.  The enemy will work overtime to make sure you avoid this at all costs–so you can wage spiritual warfare by doing this every single day. 

There are many things I've learned about fear, one of the most surprising is that that which I fear usually indicates something strong that I need to pay attention to… I've learned to be like, "COOL! I feel some fear so I know something BIG and IMPORTANT waits for me on the other side of that fear!"  Then I move further in and further up.  Fear is like a flashing sign that I need to PAY ATTENTION, put a smile on my face and embrace the growth that's going to happen!!! 

octoberKayla Howard is a stay at home wife and homeschooling mom who loves online business.  She is a Biblical Health Coach, ISSA Fitness Trainer, Master T-Tapp Trainer, and Young Living Essential Oil Lover. If you’d like to know more about becoming and staying fit and healthy, Kayla is happy to answer your questions! Visit her website:

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  1. Well written and insightful !   I especially like your closing sentence !  The reminder to "Pay Attention"….   and to "..put a smile on…"  Some time ago the question came to my mind, "What is the expression on the face of a Godly Warrior who has put on the Armor of God?"  My answer is " A Smile " !   The adversarial and combative nature of "Godly Warfare" is all too enticing and seductive….  whether it be young people or old…   getting caught up in thinking of ourselves as being in some awful, terrible, continuous battle….  the "vicious cycle" that you referred to is just that.  One can easily become lost in unhealthy mindsets – rather than the healthy, joyful and compassionate perspective that we can have.  You are so right about so much of music today… and movies… and TV….  and "The News"…   Thank You ! 

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