The 900-Pound Horse Wreck & What We Did Afterwards

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tyler-crutchesHave you ever been in pain? That’s kind of a given part of life, isn’t it?

From arthritis, to injuries, to overworked muscles— most of us experience pain on a regular basis.   But let me tell you about the 900-pound horse wreck that happened last week.

While I was in the middle of a live, (yes I said “live), Facebook video, I was interrupted by my oldest daughter. Normally this would be….well…normal. But on this particular day all three of my kids were supposed to be riding horses and shouldn’t have been back for a long time.   I gave her enough attention to find out what she needed, then quickly shut down the video.

My son’s horse had fallen and rolled over him…this could be very bad.

I threw on my shoes and hurried through the woods to the location of the wreck. He was there, sitting up. He had managed to get mostly clear of his horse right before she rolled—but his foot didn’t quite get away and was crush by his 900-pound mare.

Thankfully the mare was ok, but his foot was already extremely swollen. We got in the car and headed for town to our local quick care office where I knew we’d need x-rays to see if anything was broken or fractured. It was so swollen, that I honestly thought there had to be something broken.   A couple hours later, we left there having had great care and knowing that nothing was broken! (Thank you Jesus!!) He had a lot of soft tissue damage and was put in a boot and on crutches until he was ready to walk on it.

Now, as an essential oil lover, what do you think I did to that injury the second I was able?

We used Young Living’s Pain Relief Cream. Guess what, I can now tell you this because we have had that product approved by the FDA for pain. Not only did we apply it right away, but we also continued to apply it multiple times per day.

Let me tell you something amazing…within 3 days the swelling had reduced by 75%. My son says it helps tremendously and amazingly…he doesn’t have to be asked to put it on… he just needs it. But here’s the really huge results; NO BRUISING.  (click here to watch HOW this works)


How does your foot get crushed by a 900-pound horse without bruising? I’m telling you…. Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream.  (click here to see how it works)

Not only is it good for minor aches and pains, it helps with the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Simple backache
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Bruises

pain-creamDo you have arthritis? Do your feet hurt in the morning? What about your back pain from time to time?

I’m telling you—my son used this all through football season—it’s his best friend.   At first I thought maybe it was a little spendy…but now that we’ve been generously using the same bottle for 6 months, AND it’s my “try me” bottle at all my classes and events…and it’s still not gone, I realize that it’s actually an incredible value. We won’t get caught without this cream.

Ok, so that’s my amazing essential oil tip of the day! You don’t have to live below the wellness line—you can live a non-toxic, whole and natural life every single day.  Questions?  Post them below and let’s chat!

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