Success Starts with Celebrating Others

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If your best friend lost 4 sizes this month, would you be happy for her or envious?  When someone gets a better paycheck than you, more clients, a nicer house–you name it–is your first feeling happiness for them or do you wonder why it wasn't you?

What is it that causes discontent and envies among us?  The book of James says that we fight because we want something that we do not have.  We want what we do not have because we don’t ask. Yet, when we do ask, we don’t get what we want because we only want it to spend it on ourselves!   Hmmm…sounds like a little pride going on and focusing entirely on number one.   Maybe it’s time to get a dose of humility.  Humility starts with consider others as significant and special…with celebrating them!

Are you trying to get success by being faithful or do you just want the success that others have?  Are you expecting successful results from a halfhearted job?  When it comes to your weight loss, quick results aren't usually healthy.  Sure, some supplements will force your body to shed weight as will some prepackaged diet systems but they will also take a toll on your healthy.  However, making exercise a lifestyle will expand your health.  Mankind was made to move and work.  We have so many modern conveniences that we fail to use our bodies the way God intended!

Think about this: Has envying what someone else has ever made you happy?  On the other hand, do you feel joy when you get over yourself and encourage others?

I bet that you have had some great success in your life.  We tend to miss those because we spend so much time looking through a critical eye.  Sometimes we don't even try to see our own successes because we are looking so intently at what we didn't get.

So, if your life is just a mist that appears for a little while then vanishes, (which really sums up well how short our lives are) what are you going to do with today?  Are you going to wish you had what your neighbor has?  Are you going to sit on the couch and eat cookies?  Are you going to teach your kids how to be responsible?  Will you make every moment count?  Will you find someone and celebrate their success with them?  Will you find someone who inspires you to better yourself?

I mean it, success starts with celebrating others successes and contributing to more success for them.  Generosity will return more generosity to you.

Kayla Howard is a stay at home wife and homeschooling mom who loves to teach the T-Tapp method of staying fit in 15 minutes a day from the comfort of your own home.  She is a  Biblical Health Coach and Senior T-Tapp  Trainer, certified to teach all forms of T-Tapp.  If you’d like to know more about becoming and staying fit and healthy, Kayla is happy to answer your questions!  Send an email to:

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