Struggling to Exercise? The Ultimate Guide to Annihilating Excuses and Getting Your Workout DONE

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A few weeks ago, I took a survey by asking people, “what is the single biggest thing that keeps you from working out?” I did this because I’m really passionate about wellness. And honestly, I don’t think you can have real wellness without consistent movement. Your body was designed to move, be used, and be strong.

Based on what people gave as a reason they do not workout, I’ve written some solutions designed to help you overcome any obstacle to wellness.  The goal was inspiration that YES YOU CAN get strong, fit and ultimately, healthy by moving your body no matter what your challenge may be.


Pain is certainly a movement blocker– who wants to move when it hurts, or when you’re in MORE pain if you do workout.   Mobility Mastery literally saved my ability to function optimally. When I found Elisha, I was unable to walk without pain, and was very bound in my upper body/neck area, which meant tension, jaw pain, head pain, etc..   She’ll teach you how to release your fascia in a way that works. Popular “Fascia release” tools look cool and easy, but I’ve used them, and they do not compare to asking your fascia to release itself. Just go to the Mobility Mastery website, use the search bar and look for your specific kind of pain.  You will need a foam roller and a lacrosse ball for most of the stretches.

No Energy

Yoga in general is a fabulous exercise for those fighting energy issues. I personally prefer Holy Yoga because the focus is on Scripture, God and not in Eastern religions.

Simple leisurely walking is great for low energy situations or to help lower cortisol levels and destress.

Adrenal Fatigue

Again, Yoga is a great option for low energy situations, (see above).

Revelation Wellness online is near and dear to my heart. It was Revelation Wellness that restored my love of exercise. I had burnt myself out from years and years of teaching, and was very apathetic toward fitness. Revelation Wellness helped me identify my purpose and vision for healthy living by getting DEEP into the spiritual issues and reasons for caring for your body.

T-Tapp (DVD) is a fitness modality that I taught for over 7 years. T-Tapp will tighten, tone and teach you how to move correctly all throughout your life. T-Tapp also works to keep fascia healthy, and has a positive impact on hormones like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. It can be done in short segments (15 minutes) with big results and is restorative in so many ways.

Another online workout option that I love is Metabolic Effect. They offer some shorter, (like 20 minutes) intense workouts. These have great effects on your metabolism. I also love that you’re really encouraged to listen to your body and “work until you can’t, rest until you can.”

Lack of Motivation

Find a class or workout buddy. Pay for a class. Pay for a trainer. They even have Skype trainer options if you don’t have a local gym. I’ve found that having classes I’ve paid to attend, either at a gym, or online, will motivate me to GET THERE.  If you need to build “fences” for yourself to motivate yourself, there’s no shame in that.  Set yourself up for success by being intentional about your goals. 

“Honestly, I don’t think you can have real wellness without consistent movement.”

For the people who said “laziness,” I’m glad you can see that, and that you own it, but please, do not own that with pride. Laziness is a character flaw that every person must overcome. See “Lack of Motivation” for ideas on how to overcome this issue.


Think Shorter.  Sometimes we’re so focused on thinking that only long workouts do the trick… or that we have to workout everyday to make a difference. I lift weights two days per week, and I teach yoga on another day. That’s it. That’s all I do. And I’ve seen HUGE results on my body.   If time is an issue for you, aim for two or three 20-minute workouts per week. You’ll be amazed at what that does for your strength, flexibility and energy levels.


People who prefer, or think they prefer, to only exercise outdoors give this excuse. Conditions for exercise are rarely ever ideal—we have to make them ideal. If walking is the only type of exercise you want to do, there are Walking Workouts, which can be done indoors. There are gyms with treadmills.   There are malls. Make a plan, make a back-up plan, and make a way.   If you plan to walk outdoors Monday, Wednesday and Friday, also have a plan to hit the gym, or pop in a DVD if you wake up Wednesday and it’s pouring rain outside.


My youngest was about 9 months old when I started working out consistently. I also had a 1.5 year old and a 3.5 year old.   Guess what I bought? A 15-minute T-Tapp workout that I could do in a HURRY. Some day’s I did the 45-minute workout, some days it was just the 15, but within 2-3 months I was back in my pre baby clothes. Today my baby is almost 12 and I’m able to leave my house at 6am, hit the gym, and get home before anyone else is up.

Some people are embarrassed to workout in front of their kids or their spouse.   I understand, but that’s just our silly pride.  Today all my kids are great athletes, and they all value fitness and staying strong.  I know that is has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve worked out in front of them their whole life.  You will be setting an example for both your kids and your spouse, and they will feel PROUD of you for taking care of your Temple. 


I have two words for you; T-Tapp Chair. Obviously there are many things that can cause and contribute to dizziness, and you’ll need to clear any program with your Doctor before starting. But, T-Tapp Chair will get you moving and get your blood pumping. If you suspect that unhealthy fascia is also an issue, see “pain” solutions above and incorporate them.

What are your solutions?  I’d love to hear them! Comment below. <3 

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