Savvy Minerals Lookbook

  • Cool 3 foundation,
  • Summer Loved Bronzer,
  • Dark Multitasker (eyeliner)
  • Wanderlust & Spoiled on eyelids
  • Passionate blush
  • On A Whim Lipstick with Abundant Gloss over it
  • Touch of Veil on forehead, upper cheeks, nose and above my lips.
  • foundation cool 3
  • eyeshadows “Crushin’,” “unscripted” and “wanderlust”
  • Cheek blush in “smashing”
  • eye liner and brows in multitasker dark
  • diamond veil dust all over
  • lips, uptown girl
  • Cool 2 Foundation
  • “Crowned all over” – cheeks, nose, and forehead
  • “Best Kept Secret” – eyeshadow
  • “Embrace lipgloss”
  • Misting spray used for all powder application
  • Cool 2 and Warm 2 foundation (a layer of each)
  • “Wanderlust” on Eyelids
  • “Determined” Eyeshadow as my eyeliner
  • Dark 3 foundation for contouring and eyebrows
  • “Passionate” Blush
  • Diamond Veil for highlights
  • “Daydream” lipstick with “Abundant” gloss
  • Warm 2 foundation and a tiny bit of Summer Loved for contours
  • “I do believe you’re blushing” blush
  • “Wanderlust” and “Spoiled” eyeshadows
  • Dark mutlitasker on eyeliner and brows
  • Wish lipstick with Embrace gloss

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