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Hi, I’m Kayla!

I’m a Licensed Spiritual Healer Coach through the Alliance of Christian Healers.  Private sessions with a LSHC look very similar to Life Coaching.  Some areas that I specialize in are: Emotional Freedom & Release, Kingdom Minded Business Planning, Goal Setting & Time Management.

I am also a Certified Aromatherapy Coach through the Natural Therapies Board.    As such, I offer private wellness consultations to help you create protocols to support the follow areas:

    • Pain Management
    • Stress Management (mental, physical, emotional or enviromental, etc…)
    • Detoxification (support body systems with specific essential oils, etc…)
    • Improving Peak Performance
    • Enhancing Qualify of Life (peace of mind, balanced emotions, better energy levels, etc..)

In additon to that, I have an extensive background in fitness and am a retired Master T-Tapp Trainer (muscle activation specialist), ISSA Personal Trainer, Holy Yoga Instructor, and Revelation Wellness Instructor.  With these certifications,I am very qualified to help you reach your health, fitness and nutritional goals!

I have studied Herbalism with multiple teachers and continually expand my knowledge on natural healing modalities.

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