PicMonkey vs Canva –My Review

Kayla Howard Entrepreneur 3 Comments


Are you a diehard PicMonkey fan?  Or do you love Canva?  I find it seems to be either or for most folks—but what I discovered when I started using both on a daily basis is that I actually need BOTH of them.

Maybe you’re like–“Ummm….what the heck is that?”  These two wonderful websites are powerful, free (on some level) graphics editing programs for the lay person.  Yes! That’s you!

Watch my review to see just a few of the difference, and learn how you can use each of these programs effectively.

Comments 3

  1. Kayla, you nailed it on what I’ve cried to PicMoney about. We need to be able to save!!! I actually wrote them about three things, so hopeful for the future. Now Canva, I tried and found it had a much harder learning curve. You’ve encouraged me to stick with it and give a few more tries. Nice job pointing out the pros/cons for both. Thank you.

  2. I LOVE picmonkey and never knew about using the fonts from my own computer, I can’t wait to try those! I’ve messed around with Canva before and found it confusing but maybe now I’ll give it a second chance!

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