How does your piano shine? With essential wood polish of course!

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shineKayla Howard is a stay at home wife and homeschooling mom who loves to teach the T-Tapp method of staying fit in 15 minutes a day from the comfort of your own home.  She is a  Biblical Health Coach and Senior T-Tapp Trainer, certified to teach all forms of T-Tapp.  If you’d like to know more about becoming and staying fit and healthy, Kayla is happy to answer your questions!  Visit her website: or Send an email to:

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  1. very cool. so if I leave the mix and some rags out, the house elves will use it overnight, right? I like your logic about the vinegar/oil proportions. I went looking on ehow and Rachel Yatuzis has a bunch of house-cleaning videos. She suggests a vinegar-water spray first to clean the wood, then polish it with olive oil. Kayla, you said jojoba oil – why is it recommended?

  2. I am going to try this!!! I'll use lemon EO because lemon is just "right!" something like spearmint would be incongruous with wood polish! 😉
    What was the oil you used with the alcohol?

  3. Another Brilliant idea, Kayla!
    I never would have thought of this.
    I tried it today using olive oil (didn't have jojoba), vinegar and ylang ylang and vanilla essential oils. It worked great on our new (to us) piano from c 1920s.

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