Pesto Cheese Rolls -A Recipe

Locally we have the treasure of a great bakery inside our Food Co-oop.  One of our favorite things to get when we are shopping for groceries there is a Pesto Cheese Roll.  The cheesy yumminess coupled with fresh, full flavor of pesto is unbeateable!  

Personally, I like to recreate things when it comes to food.  If they can do it, I can do it too–right?  So a few years ago I set out to master first a amazing french bread dough, then a Pesto Cheese Roll.  And after many attempts, I did master it!!! 

I hope you enjoy these delicious rolls as much as we do!

To Make the Dough (this is my French Bread recipe):

5 cups cool water

5 teaspoons Saf yeast

5 teaspoons Sea Salt

10+ cups bread flour

Mix the yeast into the water, then add remainin ingredients, adding flour until a soft dough is reached.  Knead until the dough can be streched thin without breaking (window pane).  This will take a long time–by Bosch mixer it takes 20+ minutes, so by hand, expect it to take even longer.  Place dough in an oiled container, cover and allow to rise until doubled. 

Divide dough into 4 lumps, roll each lump into a rectangle, spread it with pesto, sprinkle it with Mozerlla cheese, then roll up (like cinnamon rolls).  Slice each roll into 6 pieces, the whole recipe will make 24 large cheese rolls. Place the rolls on a oiled cookie sheet and sprinkle with a little more cheese.  

Allow the rolls to rise for 60 minutes, or until puffy, bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Enjoy! 

Sorry, I don't have a picture of the finished product yet, the one above is during the rising phase.  😉

profile829With Love,