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Protein powders have been around for sometime, however, there has been an explosion of variety since I used the early in 2000.  Holy cow! When I look at the shelf at the local health food store, I’m almost overwhelmed.  Which one is best?

When choosing a protein powder for yourself, there are 3 points you should consider:

#1 What does my body most easily digest?

Most of us know there are foods that don’t agree with our digestive system.  For me, I know milk isn’t top fuel for my body, so I don’t depend heavily upon whey based proteins.  I also know that beans a BAD for my digestion—so I wouldn’t get some kind of garbanzo bean powder– (do they even make that?)  You get the picture.

#2 Do you need a protein boost or a full meal?

There’s a lot of options out there.  You can get meal replacement powders which include fiber, herbs, vitamins, etc… or you can purchase just a simple protein powder.  What are you looking for?  Personally I do like using some of the mixes which include other things, especially fiber. I often use one of them as a base, then add an extra scoop of plain protein.

#3 Does it need to be quick and easy, or are you willing to spend time at the blender making a full shake?

My reviews will relay heavily on powders that can be mixed in a shaker with water, then slurped down quick.  I don’t drink protein drinks to replace gourmet meals—it’s out of necessity to feed my muscles. Keep in mind that some powders are great mixed with water, and other are super yucky.

To date, I have in no way tried every powder out there.  But I have tried several high quality products, so let’s jump in for review! If you’ve tried a great product, please add you review in the comments below.


Whey Protein Powders taste the best.  It’s just a fact of (my) life. But due to my dairy intolerance, I’ve branched out to explore other options so that I don’t use whey exclusively. My top picks for whey based protein powders are:

Tera’s Whey I’ve been using this recently and LOVE it!  This is my top pick for adding to my other powders when I want a little extra protein.

Well Wisdom’s Vital Whey is a powder that I can get through Azure Standard and is a good, clean eating protein powder.

One World Whey is a powder that someone recently suggested to me, and although I haven’t tried it, it looks fabulous!  The most important thing about whey powders is that they are not processed at high heat and that they are come from clean sources.

Vegan & Plant Based Protein Powders

I LOVE these powders.  At first they didn’t taste good mixed with straight water to me, but now that I’ve become accustom to it, they are delicious!

Slique Shake by Young Living is a complete meal replacement shake that provides quick, satisfying, and delicious nutrition. Formulated with Slique Essence Essential Oil Blend, this shake may support healthy weight management when combined with regular exercise and a sensible diet.* In a convenient single-serving size packet, it’s easy to slip into a purse or pocket for healthy eating on the go.

Slique Shake’s berry flavor is great on its own or mixed with almond milk or fruit, and its vegan formula contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or GMO ingredients. Instead, Slique Shake is naturally sweetened with Stevia, organic coconut palm sugar, wolfberries, and strawberries. The formula also includes pea protein, quinoa, wolfberry, pumpkin seed protein, and alfalfa grass juice, making it not only a tasty protein shake but an excellent source of dietary fiber as well. Slique Shake also includes a fruit and vegetable blend that provides essential vitamins and minerals that many meal replacement options don’t offer.  This one is my top pick, and what I personally use daily.  Purchase Here

Tempt Hemp Protein is a powder is used a lot before I found my favorite mixed shake–Especially love the vanilla spice flavor!!!  I used to love mixing a scoop of Tera’s whey for extra protein because hemp isn’t as high in protein as other powders.

Manitoba Harvest also makes a good hemp protein powder.

Sun Warrior makes a whole line of fabulous vegan protein powders.  I LOVE these and have used them often!

Meal Replacement

Pure Protein Complete by Young Living (vanilla or chocolate) is actually the powder I personally use most often.  I LOVE it because it’s a blend of egg white, hemp, whey, pea protein and goat whey.  This is SO STINKING IDEAL!!!  My husband, who is a logger, works all morning on this alone mixed up with raw goat milk.  I prefer vanilla, he prefers chocolate, we both feel great.  PURCHASE HERE

Raw Meal made by Garden of Life is a really great product.  Most things made by GOL are good.  I’m not overly found of this mix when made with water, but in milk, it’s really good.  Since I don’t drink milk very often, I don’t use this as much anymore but it’s a very, very good option for a filling meal.

This review is not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination, but rather a review of my top favorites currently. Once again, I want to invite you to post a comment sharing YOUR favorite and why!

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  1. We LOVE One World Whey. It is an EXTREMELY clean and low heat processed protein powder and it tastes GREAT!! We actually look forward to it!!! We have only tried the vanilla and chocolate so can only speak for those two!!

  2. Hi Kayla,
    I love the One World Whey and have a wholesale account. It is the best raw whey protein! The aroma and taste is off the charts delicious! They have vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. I sell it to my clients!

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  3. Hi Kayla,
    I love Ocean Avenue’s Whey Smart, protein smoothie. The ingredients used are the best available globally! The taste is excellent, so good that I mix it with water. I am a Exclusive Distributor. Looking for wholesale customers and business builders. Would love for you to take a look. I love Young’s Essential Oils and use them in our home.

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  4. Thanks Kayla! My hubby had also tried a LOT of protein powders with the training he does. His top 2 favorites are Vega (many organic ingredients and plant-based) and, like you, he also favors Sun Warrior.

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