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Hey there Mom’s, do you have a dream of having a successful business from your home that doesn’t suck away all the hours in your day?Listen, I want to tell you there is nothing wrong with your dream!!!  God planted something inside of you and it might include doing some business from your home.Today I want you to meet one of my best friends in the whole world–and we met over the internet!

Meet Mary, a beautiful stay at home, homeschooling mama!

Mary grew up in the country on a farm that her Grandparents and Dad started. She now lives in her Grandparent’s house on the farm. She loves home and never strays too far from it.

Mary has been married to her sweetheart for 14 years.  She loves being a mom and enjoys homeschooling her 2 sons.

Not only is she a wife, mother, and teacher, but she’s a farm girl–bookkeeping, supervising the care of 150 calves and many other things that a farm requires.

Mary is also a very successful home based business woman.  She is passionate about helping people find out what is best for their health and has found a perfect way to do that with Young Living Essential oils–she’s never anywhere without her oils!

Mary’s desire is that women will rise up and take back the challenge of raising their children for the Lord, so that we can change future generations and our nation.

Mary, like myself works her business in about 10 hours per week.  Period.We don’t compromise the dream we have of homeschooling our kids.  We don’t steal time from our husbands.  And we don’t stay up all night.  We manage our time like good stewards and have found INCREDIBLE spiritual growth from doing so!
Mary is so successful that she just made a $2,625 bonus!
Mary recently received a very special bonus.  The Silver in 6 bonus is EVERY essential oil that Young Living Carries!!!!

That’s on top of a monthly income which matches her husband’s current income.  They are so happy to be blessed in this way.  They are building a business that they believe in with products that have literally changed their life.

Mary is a part of my team.  During the last few months I have shifted my focus so that a high percentage of my time is invested into building my team members.  With the help of my personal coach and my team leaders, we have created a template that works for everyone who will follow it.

It’s been so humbling to watch God show up and show off in their businesses!!!! 

During the month of April, I would be honored to have you join my team and start living out your home business dreams. 

Find out how to get started today by click here.

With Love!

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