gave goat beer

I Gave My Goat a Beer

Kayla Howard Health 8 Comments

gave goat beerYou read that right.  And yes I really did– I gave my goat a beer.

We own goats.  3 does, 1 buck and now 3 babies.  We also own 4 horses, 2 dogs, 3 cats and who knows how many chickens.  Every single one of our animal gets to experience my obsession with natural solutions to wellness.  And guess what, they LOVE it!

This time of year is kidding season for the goats and I have a couple older does who are going to retire after this year.  One of those does ended up having a hard birth, which meant an emergency visit from the vet to pull a baby, and left the momma, (her name is Mirabelle) very weak.  I want you to know something…

Essential oils and natural supplements are not just for people.

Check this out!  I safely supported wellness in my doe using this:



  • Frankincense orally (just a tiny bit diluted and rubbed on the gums)
  • Frankincense and ideally Myrrh on the umbilical cord

Even with all this, I felt Momma needed a little more support… So I turned to Google…and guess what Google said?

You’re right.  Give her a beer.  So I did.

A DARK lager beer which I had to purchase especially for her since I don’t drink beer.  20 minutes later, I went out and her tummy was rumbly (good with goats), she was burping, (also good with goats) and she was up eating and drinking!

Here’s what I want you to take away from this; your pets and farm animals can also benefit from the natural wellness solutions you are using for yourself and your family.  This is never in place of, or better than getting advice from a qualified vet—I’m not talking death & disease here–rather I want to inspire you to use natural tools as overall wellness support in your animals!  They will love it and they will flourish.

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  1. My husband and I have treated several conditions our goats have had with essential oils and coconut oil. Would not have it any other way!!!

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  2. What do you recommend for itchy skin and sebaceous cysts in a beagle (that’s on a grain free organic diet and only gets REAL foods (carrots, banana, Apple, pb, blueberries) for treats)

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