What’s in the free coaching group?

2 Hr eBook Challenge

Take the challenge and FINISH your eBook!  I will show you how to quickly create a stunning eBook which you can turn around and use for an opt in, or sell on your website!

Pretty Stuff

This will be your savvy source for FREE fonts, stock images, graphics, designs and anything you can use to make your business PRETTY.  When we find a treasure, we share it with you.


Each month you’ll get a business training packed full of information you can use to grow your business and make your life more simple and fun!

Group Feedback

In a multitude of counselors, there is wisdom.”  In this group you are welcome to pull on that wisdom and ask for feedback and help for places where you’re stuck in your business.


Self-care doesn’t need to be selfish.  Taking care of your health looks like simple things you can do each day to create a strong mind and healthy spirit.  You’ll get GREAT tips here!

Being a Mompreneur usually means wearing all the hats in your business.  But if you’re like me, you’ve encountered a problem; finding images that truly reflected your products, thoughts and brand is time consuming and frustrating.

I wanted an eye catching image for my sidebar, a new header that was FRESH, a cover image for Facebook that matched, and a logo that truly reflected my brand. I wanted images that drew people in and inspired them!

And for the life of me, I did not have time to learn photoshop— I mean, SHOOT! Have you seen that? It’s really mind blowing and the learning curve is huge.

For years I resigned myself to hiring graphics designers to do my image and graphic work for me–always feeling the frustration of never quite getting exactly what I wanted.

True, there are very talented people out there, but I don’t always communicated my half baked idea in a way which produced the desired result.


All of this changed the day I found PicMonkey & Canva! In these free, online editors, I could make ANYTHING I needed within minutes. If I wanted a new header, I made one. If I wanted a pretty image quote to share on Facebook, I made one!

Even with these great tools, the truth is that not everyone gets into online graphic editors and thinks, “wow, this makes sense!!”

So I created this FREE group to teach basic skills and provide templates, inspiration and FEEDBACK (so critical!) for mompreneurs like you.

Kayla, I have watched the first 4 videos today, and they are great! Very helpful! In fact, I got antsy and started messing around with a new graphic, and it came out soooo much better than my previous ones, thanks to your tutelage.  My 10-yo daughter came in when I was working on it and enjoyed helping me out as well. I could show you a previous image, but that would be downright embarrassing. lol


Kayla Howard your Pic Monkey trainings have totally revolutionized my business!! I have used them for my blog, FB page, blog titles, eBooks, everything! I am so thankful that you shared your knowledge and skill! I find Pic Monkey to be so easy now- but I never would have before. You’ve made it so simple, and I am NOT graphically inclined whatsoever! Thank you thank you!!


I am literally sitting over here in tears after just finishing video #6. I have been sitting on recipes for YEARS, recipes that people have been begging me to put out, because I can’t take a good enough photo to save my life and hiring someone to do it while making all of that food all at one time is just far too overwhelming in both time and money for me…..

This training has helped to release a lot of angst, and frustration, and overwhelm. So for Kayla, THANK YOU, hugely and truly, for doing this training! I for one desperately needed it!”