Fitness 101, Getting Started Right

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Fitness 101, Getting Started Right

By Kayla Howard

So it’s a new year and you’d like a newly shaped body to go with this new year.  That’s fabulous!!!  The only burning question you have is…where do I start?

As someone who has tried several workout routines, several diets and lived in the land of desperation, I will share what I’ve learned from those places and from my own successes.

The simplest, cheapest forms of exercise continue to be walking or running.  Walking is in fact one of the best exercises of all time…it’s been said you use more muscle when walking than when running.  Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight and build a balanced body—especially when you use great anatomical alignment or “form.”  Running does burn of fat quickly, but over time produces wear and tear on your body from the impact.  If you choose to run, I suggest you add exercises that targets muscles not used while running.

The goal of a fitness program should never be merely to lose weight.  Building a balanced body that is structurally sound is of more benefit in the long run.  It helps prevent injury or poor posture.

There are many, many exercise programs out there.  Obviously my favorite is one called T-Tapp.  When you begin choosing which program is right for you, these are the things I like to keep in mind:

  • Don’t pick a long workout if you have a very busy life.  A short workout done is better than a long workout owned.
  • Be aware of what equipment you will need for a chosen workout, (hand weights, balls, etc)
  • If you can’t dance, a dance workout may frustrate you.  If you like to dance, well then…don’t buy a yoga workout.  If jumping makes you wet your pants, I wouldn’t suggest a high impact workout.  Etc…

I chose T-Tapp because it made sense.  I like things that are logical and rational.  I like explanations and reasons why.  T-Tapp provided that for me—there is a reason for each move.  It goes much deeper than just losing weight. 

Finally, it’s not important to worry about you diet at first. 

I know that you want to see results quickly, and I’ve felt that desperate feeling but desperation is your enemy.  When we allow ourselves to become desperate, we’ve lost our sense of self control and given our authority up. 

Listen, if you only add exercise, you will see results.  Don’t worry about your diet until you’ve established good exercise habits—then look at how you can improve your eating. 

2013 is YOUR year to achieve your best body!

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Kayla Howard is a stay at home wife and homeschooling mom who loves to teach the T-Tapp method of staying fit in 15 minutes a day from the comfort of your own home. She is a Biblical Health Coach and Master T-Tapp Trainer, certified to teach all forms of T-Tapp. If you’d like to know more about becoming and staying fit and healthy, Kayla is happy to answer your questions! Visit her website:

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  1. I'd love to win this Giveaway to give to my 69 years young mom.  She is very young at heart but is also very overweight.  I'd love to help her look as young as she feels on the inside.
    Plus it would be fun to  have a workout we could do together.

  2. I don't have the Total Workout, never thought this tired body could get all the way through it.  Then if I win I share the basic and step a way with family members. 

  3. I don't have the Basic Plus Tempo and would love to use it to start my 2013 year to fitness routine!  Thanks, Kayla!

  4. I would love to win this workout for myself and for my entire families health!!!!  I have a family of 5  who each has an opportunities to improve their health.    Thanks for the opportunity, I'd love to win the Total Workout!

  5. Thank you for the great tips for making 2013 THE year to get in shape. T-Tapp sounds like a great program to help me this year! Thank you for the opportunity of a give-away.

  6. I'd love to try the total workout! I've been reading through Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes or Less and I'm convinced this is the way to go for me. Thanks for holding this drawing!

  7. I would love for 2013 to be my year to get it done!  Thanks for the giveaway and the opportunity to win it!  Thanks for being such a caring, giving trainer!  Happy New Year!!!

  8. I have fibromyalgia. Is TTapp suitable ? Everything seems to aggravate me now and  I have given up. I live near the beach in Sydney and can barely walk along it and enjoy it 🙁

  9. Oh I would LOVE to win this!! I need the total workout… BWO+ is getting old and uninspiring :P. Thank you for doing such a great giveaway! 🙂

  10. Well, call me selfish, but I want it for myself!  I've fallen off the T-Tapp wagon & I want to get back on – B-A-D!!!  I also think that if my daughter sees me getting results, T-Tapp is certainly something she could do, even with her bad knees, bum foot & out of alignment ribs.

  11. I'd love to win this!  I've been thinking about getting into T-TAPP for a while now as my mom's been doing it for over a year and loves it, but have yet to put the go-ahead into it.  This would be the kicker!  🙂

  12. don't know if this could help me. Will be 65, have 2 bad knees, that need replaced, so it is hard for me to excersise, but would love to win this and try.

  13. I'd love to win this to get back in shape. I stopped being active late in my pregancy, and now I have an 18 month-old I can barely keep up with because I weigh 25 pounds more than my highest pregnancy weight. I also have such bad back pain that I can't sleep well and have trouble walking. This workout program sounds like it could really help me out!

  14. I would love to win this! I've been wanting it for a long time, and just haven't been able to spend the extra money. 🙂

  15. Hi Kayla,
    I would love to win this, as a couple of days ago I was online about to buy the beginner T-Tapp program after trying out some of the try before you buy clips, and realised that to get it here to Australia would cost more than the program itself so I decided to keep using the free bits and pieces, but I would LOVE to have the DVD!

  16. Am so interested in this I live very remote so attending a class would be difficult –  also because of my ankle injuries it makes it very hard for me to exercise this looks like it could help me

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