Episode #32: Do Your Dishes Smell Fishy?

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YUCK!  Yucky and yuckier!  I hate the fishy smell that occasionally comes out on the dishes from my dishwasher.  Why does it do that anyway?  Some say it’s eggs, some say it’s bacterial, but whatever it may be, I don’t like it.

Today I will show you how I eliminated this stink from my dish cupboard TOTALLY naturally!!!!  If having a clean home, free of toxic cleaners is good with you, you’ll love this!  NOTE: I do still use dishwasher soap, I just add something special.

Tell me if you are a fellow fishy smell hater and join me in my fight to get rid of it from our homes!

With Love,


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Kayla Howard loves doing business from her home in the woods where she is the master real food chef, homeschool teacher, goat shepherdess, head gardener and holds a certificate of studies from The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy Her passion is vibrant health in beautiful homes! www.kaylahoward.com

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  1. Hello, I saw your picture and it remins me of me everyday opening my cupboard and smelling this dishes, lol! Please tell me how did you fix it, i need it really bad. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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