How did you find T-Tapp?

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Coming to you from Safety Harbor Florida, home of the T-Tapp workout!  We are at the Safety Harbor Spa and Resort for a retreat like none other.  Exercise, bra fitting, healthy eating, and new friends–it's all found here!

As I meet all the T-Tappers, hear stories from new, and seasoned trainers, I am starting to wonder something about you.

How did you find T-Tapp?

I know most of the people reading this newsletter are T-Tappers–so how about!  Tell us your story here on my blog, just use the comment box below!

Kayla Howard is a stay at home wife and homeschooling mom who loves to teach the T-Tapp method of staying fit in 15 minutes a day from the comfort of your own home.  She is a  Biblical Health Coach and Senior T-Tapp Trainer, certified to teach all forms of T-Tapp.  If you’d like to know more about becoming and staying fit and healthy, Kayla is happy to answer your questions!  Visit her website: or Send an email to:

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  1. A year and a half ago I searched the web trying to find an exercise program for my husband with MS… and started doing it on my own from try-before-yuo-buy section. Then later my friend from US presented me few discs and here I am. I reached my goal – to wear my pre-pregnancy size and now aiming to conquer few more sizes.

  2. Last September I searched the internet for exercises and happened to see Teresa's videos on YouTube. I am from Germany and unfortunately T-Tapp is not known here. I bought the book at Amazon and ordered the TWO and BWO. I am very happy with the results. I do BWO every morning and love it. The Forum is a great help to improve form. T-Tapp is pure FUN and the results appear fast.

  3. It will be 1 year in March since I found TT. I was doing a popular walking WO with weights and wanted  more, so I started searching the Internet for strenghth training for women. I came across TT and have lost 2 sizes (almost 50 inches) so far. I have a long way to go, but am so excited that I have come this far!

  4. I 'heard' about T-Tapp in browsing around some blogs about home management with several children. It intrigued me so I looked up the website, but couldn't really figure out what it was, so I dropped it. I'm sure I saw it referenced a few other times, but didn't pursue it. Then this past fall I followed a link that led to Charlotte's website with her testimony. It wowed me, so I was a little more persistent at navigating the website. I ordered MORE after stalking the forums and reading all the recommendations. I've only been T-Tapping for 6 weeks but I feel great and I am so proud of my consistency thus far!

  5. I learned about T-Tapp from my friend, Trisch Richardson, who is a Very Enthusiastic Advocate of T-Tapp!!!  That was 3 or 4 years ago.  Trisch is now in the process of being certified as a trainer!  (I think today is the day!!)  I am still working on my Success Story  . . . wondering why it is so slow to be written . . . . but trudging along.  I'm off to work out now!  

  6. Four years ago, I was part of a now-defunct Yahoo! group.  Someone started talking about exercise, and one of the members commented that she had lost over 100 inches with T-Tapp.  That was all–no description or anything.  I thought it was some sort of dance form, so I looked it up.  I was interested in toning, not inch-loss (I had a sedentary office job).  I did the TBYB moves for a couple weeks and joined the forum.  When BWO+ was discounted, I asked if it might be on sale again in the future, since I just didn't have the money at the time.  One of the trainers had an extra VHS of the workout (no instruction) and sent it to me, and I learned the workout from that.  I've been hooked ever since.

    Oh, the group member who started all this?  Her name was Charlotte, screen name fruitvine.  🙂

  7. I heard someone mention it on a health forum. MerryHeartMedicine. I looked it up, and started doing the Try Before You Buy exercises.
    Shortly after my 6th child was born (2010) I saw mention again in Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman. After that, I went to the TTapp Store, there was a great deal on the BWO/TWO/SITTM so I bought that. My daughter and I have been Tapping ever since.

  8. Several years ago, Teresa was scheduled to do a presentation on the stage at the Albuquerque International BalloonFest and she was friends with the person who was in charge of the tent we were using for our Mannatech presentation.  Teresa stored her books and materials in our tent.  We met her and were looking forward to her presentation but the weather turned nasty and it was cancelled.  Before her books and CD's were picked up she gave each of us a copy her book and CD.  I didn't really know anything about the treasure contained within but I did know that Teresa was a vibrant, healthy very outgoing woman and that got me curious.  I tried doing some of the moves in the book but gave up after a while.  Then this past summer a niece offered a fitness challenge to her friends and relatives.  I remembered the book and CD and at my daughter's urging dug it out of storage and read through the whole thing. Then I went on the web site and ordered the MORE Plus and have been T-TTapping and spreading the good news about this program ever since.

  9. I didn't know T-Tapp existed until I read a magazine article on Charlotte. I was inspired by her fortitude, weight loss, and her ability to keep it off. Not only that, 15 minutes a day sounded do-able. So I checked out the web sight!  Wah La!

  10. I discovered T Tapp way back when it was featured in Parade Magazine. I ordered the free video cassette, watched it and was amazed at how 'smart' the program was. I shared the info and cassette with others but never did anything with it myself.
    I've since purchased some T Tapp DVDs and Teresa's book. Until I purchased Kayla's holiday program AND realized I can do this program with some work and dedication, I had not completed many of the workouts.
    This year I will be 48 with an 8 year-old daughter and lots of life left in my body. Some of those age-related ailments are rearing their ugly heads at me…I believe 100% that with T Tapp done with proper technique and consistency that this will be one of the best years of my life (and for my family). I'm believing that T Tapp can help me get rid of high cholesterol numbers, obesity, lack of energy and focus, foggy brain, crankiness, migraine headaches, and inflammation/arthritis.
    Wish I could have been in Safety Harbor with you but love the photos you posted. Kayla, Teresa and her staff have been such a blessing to my life. Thank you for your encouragement, knowledge and continuous growth as people and a company.

  11. I originally found T-Tapp in a bookstore several years ago.  I read through the book, tried the enclosed DVD and thought it was pretty good.  Sadly, I didn't keep it up, life got in the way, etc. etc. Fast forward to April, 2011.  I ordered BWO+, worked on that.  Over the summer did some virtual coaching, ordered MORE, TWO, lost a few inches, gained a few inches and am now doing some serious training with Kayla! Form is so important!  It pays to have a trainer to show you the PROPER way to do the moves to gain all the benefits.  So now, after just 4 workouts with Kayla, I am on the "lose a few inches" swing again.  And I'm confident it will continue that way.
    Glad you are having a great time, Kayla.  Look forward to working with you again when you are back!

  12. I found T-Tapp mentioned on an American Homeschool website. I looked into it and found a local supplier for the book.   It unfortunately went on the shelf.  l I found my clothes getting tighter again.  Picked the book and just been slowly working my way from doing no exercise or routine ever to loving T-Tapp.

  13. I learned of T-Tapp through a random blog post my friend wrote on her desire to trying getting a treadmill "again" to work out from home. Someone posted a comment that she should pass on the treadmill and try T-Tapp. I had to find out what it was so after a web search knew I had to buy. This was almost 4 years ago. After my 2nd child I was in the best shape I had been, even better than when I was running 5 days a week and weight training at the gym! I have since had my 3rd and it has been harder this time to loose the inches but I am staying consistent with T-Tapp and getting stronger everyday. I just finished up a 7 day boot camp and hope to be off this plateau soon!

  14. I found T-Tapp back in 2005 when I was reading the Sommersize forum.  Some people on there were raving about this workout so I went to the website to check it out.  I was intrigued so I ordered the Yes You Can seminar and watched it.  I have had chronic back pain for a long time and I just wanted to be overall healthier.  I was sold on the program and have it has been a part of my life ever since.  I may not always be as consistent as I should be with the workouts but the T-Tapp principles have become a way of life.  Ribs up, butt tucked, KLT, no duck feet and how about those lats! 

  15. Hi Kayla, I found T-Tapp through a mutual connection with you; Sandi Krakowski. She mentioned Charlotte Siems, who had a tremendous result with T-Tapp. You and I have been in the same coaching group as you were last year. This Christmas, My family bought me the T-Tapp program!!

  16. I found out about TTapp from one of Dr. Perricone's books.  I think that it was 7 secrets to beauty, health and longevity.  He was very positive about TTapp. 
    I'm really enjoying your blog and encouragements.

  17. I am a forum host for the Prevention discussion boards, and saw T-Tapp mentioned there several times over the years, but never bothered to look into it until "Ask Moxie" mentioned a deep-discount Tuesday special on her blog about 4 years ago.

  18. About 4 years ago I heard about T-Tapp on, but thought it was too good to be true and wandered around for a year trying a few different methods of exercise including a woman's gym. Totally not practical for my lifestyle and so then revisted the possibilities of T-Tapp.  August will mark my third year at being consistent with T-Tapp and I have said many times I am committed to this program because it works!  Inch loss and health benefits with neurokinetic focus while pumping lymphatics makes it the perfect wo where less is more!

  19. I first heard about T-Tapp in that Woman's World article in 2001.  I saved the issue because I had a weird feeling that I might need it some day, but I didn't purchase anything until 2 years ago.  
    In Feb. 2010 I began a program of weight training and walking and lost 2 sizes in three months, and then my hormones kicked in.  I ended up with the most horrendous PMS I've ever had in my life.  I was pure evil for an entire month.  And then, I got my period.  It was a doozy!  It was dreadfully heavy and lasted nearly 2 weeks.  And I happened to be visiting my friends' farm when it struck.  Luckily, my friend is a doctor and when I described the situation she told me it sounded like my hormones were in the process of balancing out and that her sister went through the same thing the previous year after being on Atkins for a while.  She told me that estrogen and fat go hand in hand and that it's a nasty cycle.  
    Things got better a day or two later when I got back home and a few days after that (still dealing with the period), I was browsing in a bookstore.  I ran over to the fitness section to see if there were any new weight training books (because by this time, I'd hit one heck of a plateau that was exacerbated by water retention).  Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes caught my eye right away.  My first thought was, "Oh my gosh, when did Teresa Tapp write a book?"  But, I didn't buy it.  I left the store and the book haunted me for several days.  Finally, I went back and bought it and devoured it in a couple of hours.  It made so much sense!  
    Then, I realized it'd be a really great idea to invest in a video or two, so I ordered BWO+.  It was on a deal with SATI.  I did a 2-wk bootcamp and saw results almost immediately.  Unfortunately, I wasn't consistent until I started up again on April 2nd of this year.  I lost 2 sizes in 6 weeks.  I'm in a fat shift right now but since joining the GM/MM eating challenge over at the forum, I believe I'm starting to shrink again.
    T-Tapp is the only way to go, in my humble opinion.  You don't need to cough up $$$$$ for gym memberships or equipment.  Heck, you can do it buck naked if you want ( just make sure to close the drapes and wear proper footwear!).  It gives you energy, improves your sleep, gets rid of brain fog and beats the tar out of PMS.  And if you're sad because your boyfriend dumped you, just dry your tears and do BWO or some Hoe Downs.  You'll feel so good after that you'll insist on helping him pack.

  20. I was looking for supplements in my ongoing search for things to make lyme disease go away. On it was highly recommended as an exercise program that would pump the lymph system. I had my antenna up for lymph treatments so I decided to look it up. I bought the book and BWO first and then began adding to my collection. I wasn't doing the form right and I didn't get results with my weight – yet – but I always feel incredible after I do a TT workout. With Kayla's tips on form I am feeling a much greater result in my body when I do the workouts now. Hoping that I see inch loss soon. 

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