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The Equation of Success

by Kayla Howard

I want to see results NOW!  I want my child to read TODAY.  I want to be thinner YESTERDAY.  I want to be debt free TOMORROW!

I have struggled with this way of thinking.  Have you?  I want the results, but fail to build for the great outcome brick by brick.  Instead of doing that task that is unexciting, boring and purely monotonous, I might instead—well—put it off…over and over again…

…Until all the sudden it must be done yesterday. Oops!  

Another sneaky thought pattern goes like this, “I can get that done real quick later.”    Ha!  How many times has that com around to smack your backside?  Later is one of those “mythical lands where 99% of human intent dwells.”  Later means just what the root word suggests, “late.”    

What if the mechanic working on car took it completely apart, then took a vacation to Hawaii for 2 months.  He just figured he’d finish it later when he felt like finishing.

Or what if you were having a surgery and about halfway through, the surgeon said, “hey guys, let’s get some coffee” and everyone left you.  You’d likely die!  That’s ridiculous, yes, but failing to follow through is exactly that.

Positive results are usually the product of faithfully deciding to work in small seemingly insignificant steps every day.  My child will only learn to read when I work for a few minutes daily to teach her.  She will not learn how to read in one day when I try to cram half a year’s worth of curriculum down her throat.   

You are not going to wake up one day with a box on money on your doorstep designated to pay off all your debts.  However, you can get there by forgoing the latte, new skirt and car wash every week in town.

The same principles apply to fitness goals. It did not take you one day or even one week to put on the extra sizes.  It was not exercising and over-eating one choice at a time which produced a bigger you.  Now, one choice to exercise and skip the second helping is going to produce a smaller you.

I really liked Dave Ramsey’s analogy of being a slow cooker… Very few goals are reached in the phantom “microwave” of success, but they will be accomplished in the slow cooker of faithfulness!

People ask me all the time, “how did you build your website and your online business?”  Moms all around me are looking into how they can make working at home doable for them.  I love it when they start asking me those questions, and will be sharing some answers this month in this coaching program.  But the most important ingredient was and always is, be faithful with the little things and with all the time you have be given.

Expecting results without being faithful first is a mindset of lack and will produce a lack of results.

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Kayla Howard is a stay at home wife and homeschooling mom who loves to teach the T-Tapp method of staying fit in 15 minutes a day from the comfort of your own home. She is a Biblical Health Coach and Master T-Tapp Trainer, certified to teach all forms of T-Tapp. If you’d like to know more about becoming and staying fit and healthy, Kayla is happy to answer your questions! Visit her website:

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  1. I really love this post and I've been thinking about it since first reading it yesterday.  I love the idea of the slow cooker of success!  You are right — we all want the microwave success story!!
    I know that I gained weight and got out of shape over the course of the last 25 years of child-bearing, raising children and homeschooling.  But, I honestly don't have 25 years to take it all back off!!!  🙂  I need to see fairly quick results!  But, as you say, I don't have a "fairy godmother" that will wave her wand and transform me into a shapely Cinderella!  However, many people do have a "Cinderella story"  that came from faithfully applying the T-Tapp techniques. 

  2. Any suggestions for someone who is eating great, (with Weight Watchers) and TTapping faithfully but weight is stuck at the same number for 8 days and measurements from then to now are some down but most up? I am at a total loss what is going on.

    1. Carolyn, usually when we see this it is due to muscle being built. I would say you need to give it a good 4-6 weeks to see if you are going to lose. At that point, you can reevaluate what needs to change. Is this your first time T-Tapping?

      1. No. I just haven’t done it for a year, and never very faithfully. I am down 21 lbs over the last year by making small changes but got serious early january eating healthy and mid January TTapping. i believe i understand muscle building but i am also surprised because i have so much weight to lose that the numbers arent showing it even a little. I have about 60-70 more pounds to lose. I am doing BWO+ on MWF and Tempo Torso on Tue and Thurs. I will continue to give it longer. My body has always been very irregular as far as hormones and such so I guess that may affect it as well?.

        1. It’s really common to gain 5-7 pounds of muscle in the first week of T-Tapp so basically if you stayed the same, you’ve possibly lost 5-7 pounds of water and fat.

          Hormones can effect it yes, but exercise will help balance those!


          1. Today will mark three full weeks TTapping so im having a hard time deciding what may be muscle over the last week but I will do like you suggest and wait 4-6 weeks to reevaluate. Thank you. 🙂

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