Ah Mom! We’re Eating Cardboard Again?

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Ah Mom!  We’re Eating Cardboard Again?
by Kayla Howard

You’ve been there…spent hours in the kitchen to produce a meal that would be nourishing to your family only to be meet with disgusted stares when you plop it on the table. Someone pipes up, “I don’t like that, it looks yucky”. “Well this isn’t Burger King son, eat up”.  The first bite nearly makes you gag but, by golly, we’re gonna eat healthy in this house!
Eating “healthy” is no easy feat.  Between the hundreds of different message you hear concerning what is healthy, and what is not, and you families turn up noses, putting nutritious meals on the table can be complicated.
Ideas on what is healthy range from vegan, gluten free, and raw food to Weston A. Price guidelines and beyond.

If you’re a die hard Sally Fallon, Nourishing Traditions fan, then you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say “Weston A. Price”.  The principals make so much sense, but often the taste is appalling.  I’m sorry but rotten tasting pancakes make me want to just do the “no food” diet.
Let me encourage you today that it’s true, where there is a will, there is a way.  And, where there is compromise, there is sanity.  I’m going to share some of the ways our family eats more healthy.

Places we compromise:
  • Organic white flour for biscuits, pancakes, cookies, etc..  Some things just aren’t worth eating if they have to be whole wheat.  I really love Vita Spelt’s white flour–yum!
  • Organic sugar from Costco.  At least it’s not bleached and washed with icky chemicals, and it doesn’t bust the budget like a lot of natural sugars.
  • Vegetables; buying lots of “conventional” veggies is better than little organic veggies.  Check out this shopper’s guide for help with which foods are better to eat organically.
  • We don’t usually use raw cheese.  We choose a good quality, no antibiotics/hormones brand, that isn’t raw, but IS affordable.  It’s really easy to do the research on the farm that produces the cheese in your local grocery stores.
  • Homemade jelly’s and jams are made with white sugar.  Honey, agave, and rapadura just don’t cut the mustard.
  • We eat canned tuna.  We like tuna.  I don’t care if it has mercury in it, it’s cheap and filling.  You’re probably more likely to get brain cancer from your cell phone than you are to be harmed by the mercury in tuna.

Places we DO NOT compromise:
  • Butter always, margarine never.
  • Coconut oil, you won’t ever find Crisco in my house.  Palm shortening would be my second choice.
  • Peanut butter tends to be GMO so go for organic.
  • Maple syrup; no matter how often my kids remind me that, “Grandma has Mrs. Butter’s Worth”, we use real maple syrup.
  • I do not use corn syrup–with the exception of making candies at Christmas.
  • Realsalt and Sea Salt in all things at all times.  I prefer the idea of getting my trace minerals from my food rather than a pill.

That’s just a partial list of what we have found to work for our family. 

Our kids are very good eaters who enjoy real food.  Even so, no matter how I try to disguise beans, my son finds them and passionately declares to die before eating them.  However, the same child will beg for a dirt colored “green” smoothie for breakfast or to get the fresh asparagus at the store.  Go figure.  Truly, you can teach your family to love real food.

I’d love to hear your fun stories about kids and food!

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Kayla Howard is a stay at home wife and homeschooling mom who loves to teach the T-Tapp method of staying fit in 15 minutes a day from the comfort of your own home. She is a Biblical Health Coach and Master T-Tapp Trainer, certified to teach all forms of T-Tapp. If you’d like to know more about becoming and staying fit and healthy, Kayla is happy to answer your questions! Visit her website: www.kaylahoward.com or Send an email to: kayla@t-tapp.com

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  1. Great post! I get that look often! I like potatoesyour compromises. I bet my family would like them too! 🙂 I try to not serve white potatoes much, so I have found some great alternatives. Rather than french fries, I cut sweet potatoes in fry strips, cost in olive oil, salt and pepper and bake until just browned. I also use cauliflower rather than potatoes for mashed potatoes. Those were two alternatives I didn’t get ugly looks for.

    Found your website via the T-tapp forum. Seven days in and 8 1/2″ gone!

  2. My husband loves mashed potatoes, but said he actually likes the mashed cauliflower better. I boil the cauliflower until soft, put in my processor add some salt, pepper, garlic, butter and a touch of cream or milk. So good!

  3. Hi! I'm just curious about coconut oil. Does it taste like coconut??? I'm not a fan of the flavor of coconut at all….but I keep hearing about the health benefits of coconut oil. Also, you said that peanut butter is GMO….what does that stand for? We're big pb. eaters here, but I've never heard that before!
    Thanks for your help!!

    1. Unrefined coconut oil does taste a little like coconut, but it’s no as offensive as it seems. I like it in odd things…like eggs, but don’t like it in biscuits. I also am not a fan AT ALL of coconut flavor, so totally hear ya! My best suggestion would be to purchase a small jar, (available at most grocery stores) and try it!

      GMO = Genetically Modified Organisms. =)

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