You Only Eat Protein Drinks & Yogurt? Clarification on Eating to Lose Weight!

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You Only Eat Protein Drinks & Yogurt?  Clarification on Eating to Lose Weight!

By Kayla Howard

Last week’s article on eating to achieve weight loss brought up some good questions from readers which I need to clarify today.  Sometimes you don’t realize what you left out until someone shows you!!    

Let’s clarify what I mean by eating for weight loss and exactly what my personal eating habits do, and do not contain.   So far, I’ve been quite successful in seeing more muscle and less fat on my body by making a few simple changes to my eating.  I’m really excited to share more with you!

Question #1 Do you eat any vegetables? 

Oh my word!  I realized when I later read my article that it sounded like all I eat is protein drinks and Greek yogurt.  YIKES!  That’s not at all the case.

I do eat veggies, and a lot of them.  My push of protein was only meant to show how you can get more protein into you diet, which is vital for building muscle and losing fat.  However, I do still eat lots of veggies.

Question #2 Do you eat any bread?

Why yes, I do eat some bread.  Although I don’t eat bread daily, and when I do, it’s sprouted wheat bread. I have not cut anything out all together.

Personally, I need the fiber in my diet that comes from whole and real foods.  I will never remove that from my diet.

Question #3 Are protein powders healthy?

I want to set this question aside for the moment because on Monday I will be doing a review of protein powders on Kayla Howard TV.  I know this is a controversial subject, but I’m going to do my best to make it fun!

So, to clarify the eating habits which help you lose fat and gain muscle, I wanted to share a typical day for me and what I would eat. 

Breakfast:  NingXia Red, NingXia Nitro*, Coffee with goat milk, Protein Drink (see 9/9’s episode on healthy protein powders).

Lunch: Either gluten free granola & Greek yogurt or sprouted grain bread sandwich, or a big salad and grilled chicken. 

Dinner: Steak, chicken or some kind of meat with veggies.  My family usually has bread with this, but I often do not.

Snacks: If I snack, it’s usually a protein drink, mozzarella cheese, yogurt, or something with protein.  We also really like crunchy organic chips!

Sweets:  I do eat sweets, but not as often as I used to and in my smaller quantities. I do eat massive quantities of blueberries.  Seriously, I have a blueberry addiction. he-he 

When I go out and about, I always eat whatever is put before me.  Also, we sometimes have pizza, burgers, and other things—it’s just not a normal part of our eating.  On the weekends, eating is more “cheat” or “free” style. 

These simple changes to my diet have allowed me to drop 10 pounds over this summer, but more importantly, to build the muscle that I’ve been working hard to build.  Up until now, no matter how hard I worked, my body didn’t show it.  Turns out that you need to feed your muscles in order for them to get stronger! 

Kayla Howard

Kayla Howard is a stay at home wife and homeschooling mom who loves online business.  She is a Biblical Health Coach, ISSA Fitness Trainer, Master T-Tapp Trainer, and Young Living Essential Oil Lover . If you’d like to know more about becoming and staying fit and healthy, Kayla is happy to answer your questions! Visit her website:




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