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      Hi Debbie!
      We totally get that!!! Here are some of the things that I personally have found to work for our family.

      1) Azure Standard does delivery all over the US!
      2) Choosing to purchase non organic produce that is mostly clean:
      3) Amazon is also shipping some bulk foods! I ordered my spelt flour from there this past month:
      4) Stocking up on weekly/bi-weekly trips to bigger cities where more organic stores are found.

      Hope that helps!

  1. Throwing away food is cash in the trash, love it! Also the addiction to having food filling your pantry, I can relate a bit to this, it just feels so good a comforting knowing you have extra, but it’s crazy how little you can spend when you JUST buy for the week and buy ONLY what you WILL eat! Plus staying out of grocery store is huge, the little trips for a couple items are killer and turn into 50$ +. What do you buy at Azure that saves you money? I used to buy a big thing of organic white rice because my family doesn’t like brown, and I buy their pink salt in bulk but when I get into searching all their categories I can spend a ton of money and not have much to show for it!

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