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Don’t Say It; Stop Spreading Crazy in Your Home

By Kayla Howard

The other day I saw an article, most likely in a Facebook feed, which triggered something down deep inside of me. You know that feeling you get about ideas that are important to you…something you are passionate about?  That was this feeling.  It screamed, “NO!” with every fiber of my body.

The article was titled, “’I’m fat’ and other things my daughter has heard me say.”


Now, I confess, I did not read the article, but I’m going to make a hopeful guess that it was actually encouragement to stop this kind of practice, however, it brought out my own inner passion on this very subject.

This is something I’m so passionate about in fact that I would venture to guess my daughter’s have actually never heard me say that. I don’t call myself ugly names as a general rule, but raising daughters free of feeling fat has always been my special ambition.

Why would I care?  Simply because I did feel fat growing up and it literally inhibited me by keeping me focused on myself…which was completely ridiculous because I was certainly not fat.

How much time do we as girls, young ladies and then as women, WASTE on ourselves.  Time that could have been spent enjoying games (if you weren’t “too fat” and self conscious,) blessing others with your gift (if you could stop thinking about how you looked long enjoy to stand up and sing) or serving a hurting soul (if only you weren’t too busy standing in front of the mirror pinching an inch and complaining).  

Don’t get me wrong, not all time spent on yourself is a waste.  But, time spent calling yourself fat, talking about all the things you hate about you, and slinging insults about your body is time WASTED. Period.

Sure, if you need to lose some weight or tone up, there’s nothing wrong with that. Please, JUST DO IT. Don’t talk about it.

Words have great power.  The age old rhyme is so absurd!! Words do hurt.  Words change atmospheres.  Words change lives.

Moms, Dads, you have so much influence on the atmosphere of your home.  Not only in what you allow or disallow your children to do in your home, but what you they see you do as an example.  Do they hear you speak words of life about yourself? Children are very likely to do what you do.  That age old line is true.

Are you living out a life in front of your children that you would be proud to see them live out for themselves?

Okay, so I know you can’t keep your kids from bad things in the world, and they will hear people use cruel words toward themselves and others.  But I believe you can create an atmosphere in your home that will be make similar training ground as to how they train people to identify real currency—by studying the real thing.  If we create a beautiful atmosphere built on the truth of God’s word, they will sense when something is off when they are out and about.

Speak life over your home.  Refuse to invite crazy, offensive and vile spirits there. Don’t say it if it’s not going to edify. 

There are two key things I do in our home to encourage spiritual health:

#1 Praise and worship music is playing almost all day.  We use Pandora and create our own station with our favorite artists such as Toby Mac, Casting Crowns, Bethel, Jesus Culture, & Bekah Shae.  It’s pretty common to see someone break out in a worship dance around here. 

#2 We also soak in biblical teachings in our car, on our computer etc…  We personal enjoy these specific teachers:

Kris Vallotton

Steven Furtick

Bethel Church

Graham Cooke

I’d love to hear who are your favorite speakers and music!!! Please post it in the comments below!