Don’t You Dare Let Go!

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Are you tired? Have you been fighting long? Has just letting go started to look like the only way out?

One of the most powerful lines in the entire "Lord of the Rings" trilogy is when Sam tells Frodo, "don't you dare let go."  After all they've been through the accomplish their mission, at the end of their rope, and the end of their hope that they'd ever get home, Frodo is hanging by the last thread of his strength and seriously considering just giving up.  But Sam….

But SAM….

Isn't that such a great picture of what God does?  But GOD!!!  

Today I felt moved to tell you that not matter how dark, how long it's been or how much your hope is gone, BUT GOD.  His heart is for you, His love toward you is measureless.  

I pray that His grace will be released over you today and that you will be aware of a impartation of totally well-being, body-soul-spirit, in your life today.

You have been appointed for a special purpose in this life, that only you can fulfill. God knew you, he planned for you and He desires to see you succeed.  

I pray that you will be immune to the enemy's attack. I pray you will rise up, stand up in the authority given to you when you became a child of God.  The enemy will try to take you out, make you hopeless, and steal your purpose, but DO NOT BE AFRAID. God will make the enemy look foolish when you put your total trust in God and stand on that authority. 

Have a BLESSED weekend!


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