How Did You Create Your Website?

Kayla Howard Entrepreneur 7 Comments

How Did You Create Your Website?

by Kayla Howard

Several times recently I have been asked, “how did you create your website?”  So for all of you entrepreneur spirits, bloggers at heart and people intrigued with idea of having your own website, here is the long and short of how I got here.

I am not a website developer, and this is not my area of expertise.  However, I did create my website from start to finish on my own.  It’s true that now I have an amazing virtual assistant who make life so much easier, but at one time, I did it all.

Step 1 Find a Host and Purchase a Domain

First decide on some domain names that you like.  Mine is kaylahoward, but you may be thinking along the lines of, dancingwithpinkbaboons, or something that describes your business and life. 

I found my host when I started looking at WordPress options.  It was kind of a backwards way to go about it, but it worked.  You can find domain host suggestions here.  Once you find a host, you can check to see if your domain name is available for you.

Step 2 Install WordPress

Once you have a domain, installing WordPress is a usually piece of cake with a one click install.  Make sure you are installing and not as you may not sell anything from a site.  Although you may think you don’t want to sell anything, someday you will not be happy when you have to spend weeks and weeks switching everything over.  You’ll also want to install a Theme to stylize your website.  

Step 3 Find some great WordPress instillation tutorials on YouTube.

This is the point I could not have done alone–setting up WordPress.  The world wide web is literally saturated with tutorials to help you set up ANYTHING on your website.  Even your chosen theme (I am currently suggesting “minimalist” style themes) will come with tutorials on how to set it up.

Step 4 COMMIT to blogging twice per week, Monday and Thursday without fail.

This one is tough from some of us.  I used to think that if I just had a website, people would magically find it.  I was so clueless.  Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking, “I’m going to see what obscure little website I can find and start reading the pathetic three pages that it has!!!”  People are only interested in something that is informational, educational, funny, entertaining, or something along those lines.  Why have a website that does not provide good content?  It’s not about you, it’s about serving and blessing others.

Step 5 Purchase an Aweber account

Aweber is any email service that allows you to legally email folks.  According to the “can spam act” you may not email someone who has not doubled opted in to your list.  That is the reason why you have to click a link to confirm when you ask to receive information from a website.  This service is a must if you want to email people.  It allows you to send newsletters and other information.  It also gives them the power to unsubscribe at any time.  You are happy, they are happy, everyone is legal.

That’s it.  A very quick outline of what I did to create  Although creating a website is a continual process, it’s very fun and rewarding!  Have you ever thought about having your own site?  Comment below and tell me what your dreams are!

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  1. Oh, Kayla!  That was sort of how I began some other blog and website!  But I really really could have used something like Sandra's classes!!  I spent countless hours just trying to figure out stuff with my other website!
    We'll see where this all takes me!

  2. I don’t know that I’ll ever have a website, but I thought I’d comment that I really like your new header. It’s very cute and young and fun feeling. And the picture of you seems more personable. 🙂 great job!

  3. Hi Kayla.  If you have WordPress why do you need Thesis or if you have Thesis why do you need WordPress?  Maybe I am missing something.  BTW, thanks for all the great info on your site.

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  5. Fantastic and simple tips Kayla! So proud of you for giving it your all and doing it yourself in the beginning. Glad you have that helping hand now as well so that you are free to share your amazing gifts with the world. God Bless you girl 🙂

  6. Thanks for the encouragement and advice! I never knew about the best days to blog or that I should do it twice a week. Thanks! I do take classes through Sandi and just love her. Right now I am trying to get a professional photo taken and then I am paying to get my header and the opt in done. Have a lot to work on! 🙂 With God all things are possible! Thanks again!!!!

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