Choose the right business How to Choose the Right Business for You

by Kayla Howard

So you want to build a home based business, create a second income for your family, and have freedom–not only financially–but with your time as well.   And now you are faced with the decision of which product you will sell.


You may have been presented with the decision before you ever thought about home based business.  Maybe your friend is asking you to “sign-up” with some company…or your interested is piqued at a party…or you keep seeing this thing on Facebook and it looks like they actually do make money…

Whatever the reason you find yourself interested in starting a business, there are a few things you should know before choosing a Direct Sales company.

1. Would you use this product if you didn’t make money?

That means, no reservations. None. NO RESERVATIONS.  Selling something you don’t stand behind 100% will not work long-term if you are an honest, honorable person.  At some point your conscience will catch up with you and it will subconsciously sabotage your success.  You must choose something you would use even if you never made a dime. 

2. Do you have a subtle judgement against MLM? 

Because if you do, again, this will subconsciously undermine your success.  Personally, I had to take care of this one in my own mind and heart.  Let me give you a short story about MLM and how they often start…

Let’s pretend that I created a hand cream, and this hand cream is AWESOME!  I start by giving it to my friends, but the truth is…it’s so awesome, they can’t get enough.  They are asking me for more so they can give it to their friends.  Then I get contacted by a local store owner who wants to “sell” my product for me.  Obviously he’s not going to do this for nothing, and I wouldn’t expect him to!  I mean–WOW!!!  That’s a huge platform for my hand cream.  So we agree to some percentages, and he starts selling it.

That’s how Direct Sales works.  Often you are selling a superior product that started out with a grassroots beginning just like the one in my story.  The company is delighted to give you a percentage to share their product.  And as long as you follow rule number one, you are delighted to share the product on your platform. 😉

3. Do you want to work with the people asking you to join?

This is a bigger deal than I realized.  After having dozens of people asking if they can switch to my team, (to which I tell them “no, just become the GREAT upline you want”) or telling me they don’t get any support, I began to understand…your upline DOES matter.  Thankfully, I have a GREAT upline, and do my best to BE a great upline.  But if you’re standing on the ledge getting ready to leap, stop and ask yourself…

…do I want to work with these people closely? 

If the answer is yes, then take the leap!  Direct Sales is SUPER fun, and you may just find some of your closest, beautiful friends while building you business.  I did.