Skinny Isn’t the Only Reason

Skinny Isn’t the Only Reason

If I asked a dozen people walking down the street what people excerise,  I bet I would get very similar answers.

Most likely the answer would be “to lose weight,” or “to be smaller.  Although they may drop in the answer what we all know we should say,– “to be more healthy,” I bet that what they really believe is that exercise is primarily for getting skinny.

Losing weight, losing sizes, getting skinny, getting a hot body (whatever you want to call it) — is a worthy cause.  It is, in fact, a motivating reason for many people to start a fitness program.  It’s also the greatest belief that prevents people from exercising at all or from seeing an exercise program all the way through to “skinny” on their own body. 

Why would the belief that exercise is “mostly so you can be smaller,” be the one belief that is keeping you on the couch?

Simply because most people are not motivated by the idea of being a little “thinner” enough to do something. They know they’ll never look like a super model.  They have a family who loves them anyway, even if they have a few extra pounds.  They know that most of their world is over-weight, so they are in good company.  And, they really don’t have time for one more activity in their life.

Getting skinny just isn’t enough motivation.

What if, however, you could manage menopause with movement?  What if you could walk again by exercising?  You know, some people are not couch bound by choice,– they are stuck there by depression, pain and disease.  What if exercise could produce healing results in your body that would make the 180 degree change you need in your life?

Research shows that it can.

I have literally met people who found exercise managed their lupus, fibromyalgia, hormones and depression. 

Wouldn’t it be great to feel good again?

Although exercise is not a replacement for a great doctor and natural supplements, it can take you places that drugs and pills never can and never will. 

I’ve been so impressed in the last few months by the urgency of this message.  Exercise is not just for getting skinny.  It’s such an important part of healing the body.  Great food and good exercise are God’s design for maintaining healthy bodies.

Pick up a pencil & paper and write down your answer to this question:  What one physical symptom would you like to see disappear from your life?

Now head to Google and research what starting an exercise program could possibly do to heal that symptom.  Would it be worth spending a few minutes per day exercising to see it resolved?