Manipulation Free Marketing 101

Manipulation Free Marketing 101

“Marketing a business without manipulation is actually extremely easy…Much easier in fact, then learning how to weasel money out of people with unethical practices. All you have to do is be the best version of yourself.

If you sell a product that people need, there is no shame in sharing it with people. Whether it’s rubber stamps for crafters, clothing for women, pots and pans or wellness products – as long as it’s a legitimate product, there is someone out there that needs it and/or wants it. Your job is to advertise and share it with people.

Manipulation free marketing is basically a two-step process no matter what kind of advertisement you’re running. Let’s go over these two foundational principals first, and then we can touch on actual ways to market your business.

#1 -Be 100% Honest

Projections shared as fact are lies. Promises you cannot keep are lies. Exaggerated product claims are lies. Acting like a know-it-all is a lie. Saying you have the best “xyz” is a lie.

Casting a vision of what you think people want it hard work. Trying to think of ways to coax people in to buy is hard work. Making everything mysterious and seemingly complicated is hard work! Just be real.

If someone asks me how much money I make, I’m going tell them. If someone asks me how long it took me to get where I am, I’m going to tell them. If someone asks me what the difference between what I sell and what someone else sells is, I’m going to tell them and it’s not going to be a marketing ploy to put another company down.

If you’re struggling, don’t hide it. If you’ve failed, let people see that. People connect with real people who’ve gone through the same things they are going through.

In a virtual world where you can be “whatever” you want to be, stop with the approval addiction and just be authentic.

#2 -Make Personal Growth a Priority

Ego is the driver in manipulation. Ego says, “I know best. I am never wrong. It’s just the way I am…” If ego is in your heart, your motives are impure and your marketing will be self focused instead of other focused.

Motives are another huge factor; If you’re desperate to make money in your heart, THAT is what you’ll spill all over people. Good marketing is ALL ABOUT personal growth. Yes, I used the “ALL” word.

If growing your business is a desire of your heart, then you must make your first desire to be a better version of yourself. Ditch your unconscious habits, learn to be vulnerable emotionally and be honest. Every single day, you must, must, must do something toward growing yourself personally.  Spend more time working on yourself than anything else and you’ll be unusually successful.  And that doesn’t mean spend more time in front of the mirror putting makeup on; it means get the gigantic log out of your own eye! Take responsibility for your issues, confess your faults, learn to love people just the way they are,. Only then will you be someone that people want to follow because everyone is looking for authentic freedom.

So how does the plug into marketing your business? It’s simple:

When you hit “boost” on a social media post, use these filters to check yourself.
When you write an email asking people to buy, check yourself.
When you are closing someone face to face, make sure you’ve run your heart scan.

There are a lot of ways to market your business, from local bulletin boards to InstaGram ads to Facebook boosts… I’m not a professional in that area, so I’m not going to teach you how to those things. I am however, going to get you a couple referrals, to people who do know what they are doing if you need help!

Jon Loomer (Facebook Ads)
Dani Johnson Products (Personal Growth & Business Skills)

First steps to Success has transformed our lives from the INSIDE out!  We’re paying off debt, working on our marriage, and training our children instead of letting life happen aimlessly.  Recently, two of my friends also attended this seminar for the first time… here’s what they have to say: “Oh my First Steps to Success! So life changing! I plan to go back in the fall & take my husband. I’ve even been talking with some of my downline about going. I’m still trying to take everything in that happened. So much break through!!! It was so GOOD! Words can’t do justice to ALL that just happened this weekend and at today’s Entrepreneur Workshop…😭😭😭💛 I’m so thankful.

You’ve gotta go to at least one of these, friends. I’m convinced that there is something for EVERYONE. AND, Dani doesn’t even get paid to do this!!!!

She gives the profit (after the event’s expenses) to help the sick, poor, orphaned, widowed, and trafficked! GO. Spouses welcomed. Friends, family, coworkers, business owners, ministry leaders…go.  The tools for personal growth are all avliable to picking up and implementing. I promise, as you genuinely work on yourself, your marketing and your business will blossom. 

Why Promoting Yourself is a Horrible Idea

Why Promoting Yourself is a Horrible Idea

[disclaimer: this is a spiritual training]

A lot of popular marketing professionals devote their life to teaching you how to promote yourself and your brand. The clamor is everywhere, on every side; people saying they can teach you how to stand out and be successful. Does that make you feel violated?

It makes me feel violated. It makes me feel sick. It makes me feel manipulated and like I’m being asked to be manipulative in order to succeed.


Do you know why that grates against something inside of you? It’s because it literally does—it grates against Holy Spirit and is in direct violation to how God says promotion happens.

As I was listening to Tim Davis speak at Bethel Church, I was challenged to look hard and deep at what the Bible says about promotion. Whether you believe in God or not, the Bible is full of solid truth that work every single time. Here are three truths I gleaned as I read and prayed.

Truth #1 Sustained Promotion Comes from God

God’s hands are strong. The Word clearly states He lifts some up, and brings other low (Ps. 75:7).   On the flip side, the hand of man is weak and fickle and will let you down. If you elevate yourself, or smooze your way to the top by getting others to lift you up, you’ll fall. Man’s hand just isn’t strong enough to keep you there. It will be hard, and it will cost you a boatload of valuable things in your life…Maybe your health, maybe your friends, maybe your family, possibly your life.

What’s the Solution? Let God lift you up in His perfect time. Spend daily time getting drenched in the Word, listen for Holy Spirit’s voice and obey without question. It’s the humble and quick to obey in the smallest ways who can be trusted with promotion.

Truth #2 Making Yourself of “no reputation”

Do you know what that means? Any idea what that looks like? Oh gosh! When I got this I finally realized why certain things felt so slimy to me!!!! This means you don’t get up a rattle off all your accomplishments and certifications.   When I get up and say, “Hi my name is Kayla Howard and I have thousands of followers on Facebook because obviously I’m amazing, and I’m also certified to teach you anything you need to know about any subject in the world because I’ve taken all of them and have them all hanging on my wall, and you’ll only really be successful is you spend time with me and me alone because I’m the only person who REALLY knows…” LOL You get the picture. Yuck and double yuck!

Solution: Making yourself of no reputation is just being a person talking to a person and listening for the ways that Holy Spirit wants you to connect and bless the person in front of you. It is viewing “others as better than yourself.”

Truth #3 Humility Isn’t Making Yourself Insignificant

Your divine destiny is often written in your earliest desires. Your desires are not inherently evil. You may have been taught that anything you desire is automatically evil, since you, at your very core, are still evil. Even though you’ve been saved and given a new nature, you are still evil. Sigh. This is just plain bad theology from well meaning people.   While you still have the capacity to do evil, if you’ve been saved, Jesus blood cleansed you from evil and from your evil nature. You have been given the mind of Christ, and you have access to renew your mind to think like Him! He is the giver of gifts, He is the downloader of ideas, and He knit the desires of your heart there. “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is” means you should stop thinking you’re so dang evil and start thinking like Christ! Be renewed in your mind. Be like Christ. Be encouragers. Be lovers. Give your mind positives commands that it actually understand instead of confusing it with negatives.

Ultimately, promoting yourself is a horrible idea because you’ll either have to sustain it all alone, or may even find yourself opposed and your plans continually failing. Quick obedience and faithfulness in little…Faithfulness keeping your toilets clean, budgeting wisely, using up the leftovers instead of throwing them away, exercising for better health, spending 5 focused hours on your business each week —these are the things that build your foundation, brick by brick, strong enough for God to promote you in His perfect time.

If you’re a business owner, you may be asking… “so how do I promote my business in a way that keeps people free, un-manipulated and pleases heaven?” Good question. If you’d like to have an article written on that, let me know by commenting here.

How to Choose the Right Business for You

How to Choose the Right Business for You

Choose the right business How to Choose the Right Business for You

by Kayla Howard

So you want to build a home based business, create a second income for your family, and have freedom–not only financially–but with your time as well.   And now you are faced with the decision of which product you will sell.


You may have been presented with the decision before you ever thought about home based business.  Maybe your friend is asking you to “sign-up” with some company…or your interested is piqued at a party…or you keep seeing this thing on Facebook and it looks like they actually do make money…

Whatever the reason you find yourself interested in starting a business, there are a few things you should know before choosing a Direct Sales company.

1. Would you use this product if you didn’t make money?

That means, no reservations. None. NO RESERVATIONS.  Selling something you don’t stand behind 100% will not work long-term if you are an honest, honorable person.  At some point your conscience will catch up with you and it will subconsciously sabotage your success.  You must choose something you would use even if you never made a dime. 

2. Do you have a subtle judgement against MLM? 

Because if you do, again, this will subconsciously undermine your success.  Personally, I had to take care of this one in my own mind and heart.  Let me give you a short story about MLM and how they often start…

Let’s pretend that I created a hand cream, and this hand cream is AWESOME!  I start by giving it to my friends, but the truth is…it’s so awesome, they can’t get enough.  They are asking me for more so they can give it to their friends.  Then I get contacted by a local store owner who wants to “sell” my product for me.  Obviously he’s not going to do this for nothing, and I wouldn’t expect him to!  I mean–WOW!!!  That’s a huge platform for my hand cream.  So we agree to some percentages, and he starts selling it.

That’s how Direct Sales works.  Often you are selling a superior product that started out with a grassroots beginning just like the one in my story.  The company is delighted to give you a percentage to share their product.  And as long as you follow rule number one, you are delighted to share the product on your platform. 😉

3. Do you want to work with the people asking you to join?

This is a bigger deal than I realized.  After having dozens of people asking if they can switch to my team, (to which I tell them “no, just become the GREAT upline you want”) or telling me they don’t get any support, I began to understand…your upline DOES matter.  Thankfully, I have a GREAT upline, and do my best to BE a great upline.  But if you’re standing on the ledge getting ready to leap, stop and ask yourself…

…do I want to work with these people closely? 

If the answer is yes, then take the leap!  Direct Sales is SUPER fun, and you may just find some of your closest, beautiful friends while building you business.  I did.

Work at Home Tips from 3 Busy Moms

Work at Home Tips from 3 Busy Moms

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