Are you bulking up?

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Bulking up - Storing Food in Bulk
Are you bulking up? The bill that suspects you!
by Kayla Howard

Let’s pretend that the power is out, you are snowed in, and there is absolutely no way for you to leave your house for seven days. Could you survive?
Dumb question, huh?
Certainly most of us have enough food in our cupboards to survive just fine for 7 days. In fact, we could probably last much longer. I personally love to purchase food in bulk for the convenience factor, and could likely last months without a trip to the grocery store.
That’s really cool, right?
The ability to last months on what you have stored up in your pantry — that’s awesome! Right?
Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. 
I’ve been told recently that having bulk food storage, among other things, puts you in a class of suspected people. You might be the “T” word if you have more than 7 days of food in your house. I’m totally not kidding!
Not only that, but a recent bill signed into law removes a lot of your freedom. Look it up! Just Google, “the bill signed by the president on December 31, 2011” and you’ll find it. I’m intentionally not naming it here. If they decide to “suspect” you, you will basically have no rights.
So what? We can’t buy food in bulk now?
To be honest, I don’t know. It’s all so new and invasive to me. My personal take, since I have not actually read the 1000+ pages of the bill, is that it will require more than the fact that you are storing food for you to become a suspect. You’d probably have to do something really nasty to get on the bad list. 
Don’t let it scare you, but may it be food-for-thought on what you can do to change this type of thing and take back our freedoms.
For now, buying food in bulk is still a great idea for these reasons:
  • In the event of an emergency (floods, snow, weather, etc.)
  • To avoid the extra trips to the grocery store.
  • So you don’t find that… "Oops! I’m out of salt… again!"
  • So that you can drop everything to make food for someone in need without a trip to the store. (Why not try that this week? Find a sick mom and help her out.)
  • So that you have plenty of 5 gallon buckets for “stools” to reach the top shelf in the pantry (he-he)…

Alright, I “stirred the pot” for today. What do you think? Had you heard about this bill? Do you store in bulk? Tell me about it here!
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  1. I absolutely DO NOT store food – therefore making me most definitely NOT a "T" word.  But, I did accidentally buy too much foodstuffs over a period of time and then have to find a place to put it.  LOL  Another reason to add to your list?  Until you accidentally buy too much food, absolutely unintentionally, it gives you an amazing sense of security. 

  2. I buy bulk items and store extra food.  I love being able to "shop" from my own pantry and not running out of things.  Sorry, but I don't know what the "T" word is?!?  Do you mean terrorist?  That bill sounds like nunsense.  Its ridiculous how the government is trying to dictate every aspect of our lives.

  3. Well…..I buy in bulk cuz I have a big family! Of course, that alone could put me on the list. Right? (I wish I was totally kidding.)  I think it's crazy that this bill even passed.

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