A 31-Day Wholeness Program

January 2019

Are you tired of trying to get on track with your fitness, eating and health goals only to struggle and fail?

It's a common issue for all of us.

Research shows that those we succeed at their health goals do so because they are surrounded with a community headed the same direction.

Not only surrounded by friends who are rooting for you, but who also have a clear plan of action.

That's what this program will be for you -- a team of friends to help you account for your ability.


What You'll Get:


Yoga Flows

We will have one live weekly Yoga Class on Wednesday’s @ 6am Pacific / 9am Eastern (5 total) Additionally, you’ll get 4 pre-recorded 45-minute flows to do on demand as your schedule allows. Flows are Christian based.

Eating Plan

This simple whole food plan is and sustainable. No counting carbs, calories, and intense restrictions. You will eat whole foods as God made them.

Accountability Team

Our Facebook group of like-minded friends will keep you on track and moving forward. Community is essential to success.

Daily Meditations

Download and print your beautiful workbook with daily meditations for peace-filled living. We’ll chat about what we’re learning and share revelation insights in our private group. These are Biblically based meditations for people following Jesus.


I have been privileged to meet with Kayla Howard on Skype for about 9 months. Kayla is at once professional and personable and extremely knowledgeable. She always makes sure I have good form and gives me tips that I have adapted into my daily workouts that have helped me to achieve great results. Kayla is not only all of these things but also a very loving and caring person and has always made me feel competent and capable when that could very easily not be the case. You see I am very large, I have come a long way, but I still have a long way to go. I would advise anyone to have at least one session with Kayla to get your form better to get more from your workouts.

How it Works:

1. When you register today, you'll be added to our private Facebook group where we're getting to know each other.

2. On December 30, 2018 you will get your downloads including your meditation workbook, access to your pre-recorded yoga flows, and your whole foods eating plan.

3. Every Wednesday at 9am ET, join me on Facebook for a live yoga flow.  These are done Holy Yoga style.

4. By the end of January, you can be on track with healthy eating, getting stronger, reaching your fitness and health goals, and more centered spiritually.

January 1-31, 2019

space is limited

Your class came at a difficult time for me, physically and schedule-wise. I know I would have just given up during that time if not for the encouragement and instruction I received from your class. I was much encouraged in making changes to my eating habits. I implemented small daily changes that are still making a difference. The chats were helpful, too. It's so nice to be able to ask questions as they come up.
For over a year I've been participating in Skype workout sessions with Kayla and have gone from a size 14 to 8. She is an excellent teacher and has a very sharp eye that can detect any form problem. Kayla sees when my alignment is good or bad. She knows when I'm activating or not activating my muscles, and she pushes me to my max. I always look forward to a fun session with Kayla. It's as if she's with me in person in my home.