The Weed You Need

The Weed You Need

Hi Kayla, do you know which weed helps stabilize blood sugar, boost metabolism, heal exhaustion, provide minerals for bones, teeth and hair, soothe allergies AND helps heal menstrual issues? (plus a heck of a lot more things…) 
That’s right.  It’s Stinging Nettles. 
Stinging Nettles grow wild throughout the USA.  They especially like roadways and wet areas.  They’re super easy to harvest and dry for infusions.  
Nettles are very high in minerals and vitamins making them a perfect addition to your daily fluid intake in place of expensive supplements.   Make a quart overnight and sip all day.  
Things you need to know about harvesting nettles:
  1. They sting like the dickens. OUCH! Wear thick, long sleeve fabric and gloves. 
  2. They like roadways and wetlands, but a lot of roadways and wetlands are toxic.  Be careful to harvest them away from highly trafficked roads and fields where farmers spray chemicals. 
  3. Simply hang them to dry until they are crumbly. They won’t sting anymore after they are dry. 
  4. Store them in an airtight container for infusions and teas! 
How to make an infusion:
  1. Steep 1 ounce of dried nettle leaf in a quart of hot water for 4-8 hours. (Overnight makes it easy!) 
  2. Strain the herb out and consume the liquid over the course of the day.
  3. Store in the fridge, it will keep for 3-ish days.  Best to consume 3-4 cups daily. 
If you do not have access to wild nettles, you can purchase them in bulk from places like Mountain Rose Herbs, or small wild crafters on Etsy. 
Kayla Howard

Kayla Howard

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Top 10 Foods for Healing Your Metabolism

Top 10 Foods for Healing Your Metabolism

#1 Raw Honey

Based on both research and personal experience with low carb diets, I believe that humans actually need good carbs for proper thyroid function.  Raw honey contains a mix of free fructose and free glucose.  It’s a simple sugar that is necessary for increasing metabolism and fat burning. Sugar is actually the body’s preferred energy source. Your liver needs glucose as fuel to convert T4 to T3.  If you have low thyroid function, adding healthy carbs will help lower stress in your body.  Plus, there are few more biblical foods than honey. 

#2 Spelt or Einkorn Sourdough

Sourdough is as ancient as the world.  It has nourished humans effectively since the beginning of recorded time.  It is a low GI carb source, that’s easy to digest and contains beneficial bacteria for your immune system. Because of the longer fermentation time of sourdough, the protein enzymes are broken down into amino acids, making it easier to digest.  Avoid sourdoughs with added oils as these are typically PUFA’s. 

#3 Gelatin and/or Bone Broth

Bone broth is high in glycine, which opposes estrogen. It contains the amino acids that nourish the thyroid.  Because it contains high levels of calcium and potassium, it aids with sleep and stress.   Bone broth reduces inflammation, helps your digestion and is very supportive of the immune system.

#4 Sea Salt

Not getting enough sea salt will slow your metabolism, lower your body temperature, and create inflammation and stress.  A pinch of sea salt per day is often prescribed for adrenal insufficiency. Salt is actually thermogenic and suppresses cortisol.

#5 Coconut Oil

It is fairly commonly know that coconut oil actually increases metabolic rate and heat production.  It contains the famous MCT (medium chain triglycerides), which means it does not need to be digested by bile salts, but rather goes straight to the liver where it is available as an immediate energy source.

Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial and contains no PUFA’s, which contribute to all disease. 

#6 Butter and Ghee

Butter is a great source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K2 vitamins.  These vitamins work synergistically together and cannot be obtained easily from other sources.  Ghee is clarified butter, and works amazing for frying or sauteing foods. Butter keeps the blood sugar stable by slowing the absorption of starches.

#7 Free Range Eggs

Eggs from chickens allowed to free range are a good source of protein and fats. The Vitamin A contained in eggs is necessary for the synthesis of progesterone.  Progesterone is frequently too low in women but when in balance will help reduce excess estrogen.  Excess estrogen is responsible for cellulite and fat storage on hips, butts and thighs and the dreaded symptoms of PMS.  To help reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, be sure to salt your eggs liberally.

#8 Raw Goat Milk

Goat milk is the most complete food known to mankind.  It has also been used since the beginning of time.  Goat milk is far more healthy for humans than cow milk and much easier to digest.  Goat’s milk is less allergenic, does not suppress the immune system and alkalinizes the digestive system.  It is also a rich source of the trace mineral selenium.  Honestly, we could talk about goat milk for days! 

#9 Hard Cheese 

European hard cheeses are typically 100% lactose free. This is because within 6-8 hours after the cheese is made, lactose is transformed into the easily digestible lactic acid through the actions of the enzymes of the cheese.  Hard cheese are usually well tolerated, even by people sensitive to milk. 

#10 Raw Grated Carrot Salad

Did you know that raw grated carrot helps reduce excess estrogen?  It’s true!  Carrot fiber attaches to any unused endotoxins and helps flush them from the body.  That makes is a great detoxifier and promotes bowel regularity.  For these reason, women are finding that a daily raw carrot salad is a game changer for reducing PMS symptoms such as headaches, cravings and bloating.

Kayla Howard

Kayla Howard


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12 Essential Oils for a Peaceful Mind

12 Essential Oils for a Peaceful Mind

12 Essential Oils for a Peaceful Mind

What robs you of your peace of mind?

Is it the situation with your kids that keeps happening?  The annoying in-law?  The continual negative comments from a spouse? 

Truthfully, peace of mind is negatively affected by rage, wrath, fury, outrage, anger, irritability, indignation, annoyance, resentments, and vexation.  Those types of emotions are harmful and affect mental functioning and knock out your optimisim. 

Although it’s your job to work on your emotions, and get to the root of what triggers them and in turn, steals your peace of mind, we do have some helpful tools to get the process started.

Beacuase of thier impact on the Limbic region of the brain, essential oils can help us attain peace of mind. 

When using oils for this purpose, the was method of application is either inhaling or applying topically:

  • Cedarwood
  • GermanChamomile
  • Coriander
  • Melissa
  • Myrtle
  • Neroli
  • Orange
  • Palmarosa
  • Rosemary
  • Tangerine
  • Vetiver
  • Ylang Ylang

Ephesians 4:31-32 gives us the God solution for negative emotions that steal out peace of mind: “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.  Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

The solution is BE kind, BE compassionate, BE forgiving.  

You cannot simply remove what you don’t like, you have to reprogram and take action to fill the space where negative emotions want to live. 

Kayla Howard

Kayla Howard


Kayla Howard loves doing life from her home in the woods where she is the master real food chef, homeschool teacher, goat shepherdess, head gardener, Licensed Spiritual Healer Coach (LSHC), Certified Raindrop Harmonics Specialist (CRHS) and Certified Aromatherapy Coach. Her passion is vibrant health in beautiful homes!

Elderberry Secrets; Why every home must have this remedy!

Elderberry Secrets; Why every home must have this remedy!

Have you always wanted to make Elderberry Elixir, but never actually done it?

“This plant of God heals anything it touches!” -Hippocrates Medicinal

Some details about Elderberries… 

Elderberry: Sambucus nigra, S. nigra ssp. canadensis, S. nigra ssp. caerulea, S. ebulus

Parts used: berries, flowers

Energetics: cooling, drying

Properties:  – SEE PDF BELOW

With all the viruses and illness running rampant, NOW is the time to support your immune system.

How to make Einkorn Sourdough without Having an Epic Failure

How to make Einkorn Sourdough without Having an Epic Failure

Everything you need to know about Einkorn Sourdough!

— How to make your starter from scratch.
— Where to get Einkorn flour.
— Making your first sourdough loaf.
— Maintaining your starter.
— Why Einkorn is good for your gut.
— Delicious variations for your sourdough loaves.
— And more!!!!

To prep for the class, order your basic white einkorn flour here:

The Medicine in Your Backyard

The Medicine in Your Backyard

Look out your window…What do you see in your backyard?

  • Tonics?
  • Liver support?
  • Immune system support?

It’s there in the most simple and seemingly mundane plants.

Grab your notebook and listen in on this discussion with Herbalist Ashley Glassman about what plants you can harvest and prepare for your natural medicine cabinet right from your own backyard.

Special Guest:

Ashley Glassman

Ashley Glassman

Herbalist & Aromatherapist

Ashley Glassman is an herbalist and aromatherapist with decades of experience dating all the way back to her ancestors.  She is a true alchemist at her core. 

The things she’ll share with us are a culmination of her personal experiences, traditional uses, and folklore of plants, as well as what scientific studies are telling us about herbs, essential oils, and natural healing modalities.  

If you are ready to leave behind the masses of erroneous information found online, want to get to the root cause of what ails you, or are just ready to learn more about how you can make your own herbal medicines, then you are going to LOVE what how Ashley serves humanity and the things she is going to share today!

Matching Oils to People

Matching Oils to People

Have you ever used a plant-based remedy for a symptom, because it worked for someone else, or because the book said it would work, only to have it not work at all?

In the western mindset, we tend to see herbs, oils, and natural remedies through a lense of:  “I have this symptom, what will take it away?”  But matching essential oils to people isn’t about symptoms in the way we have been taught.   It’s a simple and beautiful art.


    alchemy noun

    al·​che·​my | \ ˈal-kə-mē  \

        Definition of alchemy

        2 : a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way


Welcome to the Alchemy of Essential Oils!

Join me as we unearth a new way of matching oils to people through a process of looking at the whole person and the whole plant. 

We’ve been trained to choose oils based on a single issue we want to support, but we’re so much more than a single issue– we’re complex beautiful creations.  

Get instant access to more than 15 beautiful PDF’s you can download and print. 

Manipulation Free Marketing 101

Manipulation Free Marketing 101

“Marketing a business without manipulation is actually extremely easy…Much easier in fact, then learning how to weasel money out of people with unethical practices. All you have to do is be the best version of yourself.

If you sell a product that people need, there is no shame in sharing it with people. Whether it’s rubber stamps for crafters, clothing for women, pots and pans or wellness products – as long as it’s a legitimate product, there is someone out there that needs it and/or wants it. Your job is to advertise and share it with people.

Manipulation free marketing is basically a two-step process no matter what kind of advertisement you’re running. Let’s go over these two foundational principals first, and then we can touch on actual ways to market your business.

#1 -Be 100% Honest

Projections shared as fact are lies. Promises you cannot keep are lies. Exaggerated product claims are lies. Acting like a know-it-all is a lie. Saying you have the best “xyz” is a lie.

Casting a vision of what you think people want it hard work. Trying to think of ways to coax people in to buy is hard work. Making everything mysterious and seemingly complicated is hard work! Just be real.

If someone asks me how much money I make, I’m going tell them. If someone asks me how long it took me to get where I am, I’m going to tell them. If someone asks me what the difference between what I sell and what someone else sells is, I’m going to tell them and it’s not going to be a marketing ploy to put another company down.

If you’re struggling, don’t hide it. If you’ve failed, let people see that. People connect with real people who’ve gone through the same things they are going through.

In a virtual world where you can be “whatever” you want to be, stop with the approval addiction and just be authentic.

#2 -Make Personal Growth a Priority

Ego is the driver in manipulation. Ego says, “I know best. I am never wrong. It’s just the way I am…” If ego is in your heart, your motives are impure and your marketing will be self focused instead of other focused.

Motives are another huge factor; If you’re desperate to make money in your heart, THAT is what you’ll spill all over people. Good marketing is ALL ABOUT personal growth. Yes, I used the “ALL” word.

If growing your business is a desire of your heart, then you must make your first desire to be a better version of yourself. Ditch your unconscious habits, learn to be vulnerable emotionally and be honest. Every single day, you must, must, must do something toward growing yourself personally.  Spend more time working on yourself than anything else and you’ll be unusually successful.  And that doesn’t mean spend more time in front of the mirror putting makeup on; it means get the gigantic log out of your own eye! Take responsibility for your issues, confess your faults, learn to love people just the way they are,. Only then will you be someone that people want to follow because everyone is looking for authentic freedom.

So how does the plug into marketing your business? It’s simple:

When you hit “boost” on a social media post, use these filters to check yourself.
When you write an email asking people to buy, check yourself.
When you are closing someone face to face, make sure you’ve run your heart scan.

There are a lot of ways to market your business, from local bulletin boards to InstaGram ads to Facebook boosts… I’m not a professional in that area, so I’m not going to teach you how to those things. I am however, going to get you a couple referrals, to people who do know what they are doing if you need help!

Jon Loomer (Facebook Ads)
Dani Johnson Products (Personal Growth & Business Skills)

First steps to Success has transformed our lives from the INSIDE out!  We’re paying off debt, working on our marriage, and training our children instead of letting life happen aimlessly.  Recently, two of my friends also attended this seminar for the first time… here’s what they have to say: “Oh my First Steps to Success! So life changing! I plan to go back in the fall & take my husband. I’ve even been talking with some of my downline about going. I’m still trying to take everything in that happened. So much break through!!! It was so GOOD! Words can’t do justice to ALL that just happened this weekend and at today’s Entrepreneur Workshop…😭😭😭💛 I’m so thankful.

You’ve gotta go to at least one of these, friends. I’m convinced that there is something for EVERYONE. AND, Dani doesn’t even get paid to do this!!!!

She gives the profit (after the event’s expenses) to help the sick, poor, orphaned, widowed, and trafficked! GO. Spouses welcomed. Friends, family, coworkers, business owners, ministry leaders…go.  The tools for personal growth are all avliable to picking up and implementing. I promise, as you genuinely work on yourself, your marketing and your business will blossom.