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Have you been to Azure Standard online?  It’s a very large natural food website serving half of the US by monthly delivering food orders by truck.  I LOVE Azure and the food they offer.  If you like natural and organic food, their prices are great, and the service is awesome.

The way it works is like this: each month people will place orders from home for certain drop points.  I operate a local drop point.  You will need a minimum amount to have a drop point, or you can ask to join one that is already running.   My experience around here has been that there are many “closed” drop points, so it can be hard to join.  I keep my drop point open, but ask people to abide by certain rules.  It’s working great!

Once per month the Azure truck will arrive with all the orders — whatever was ordered for that month. Everyone meets the truck, and we take our orders home.  Super happy, super simple.

Azure is especially great for those who like to keep a pantry stocked with healthy food.  If you’ve been shopping healthy for awhile, then you can search their site for the products you like.  If it’s all fairly new, then their thousands of products will seem quite overwhelming.

A few months back I did a post on my pantry, and made a fun checklist.  You can get that here.

For today, I wanted to share the TOP things that go in my Azure cart almost monthly, depending on how fast we go through them.  I’m never without these products in my pantry!

Vita Spelt White Flour

Spelt is an ancient grain that is more easily tolerated and digested by the body.  We love this white flour for cookies, biscuits, pancakes, etc…. .

Cane Sugar

Natural cane sugars have not been bleached and washed with nasty chemicals which strip away anything that would be good and leave traces of things better not eaten.  Once you use natural sugars, you’ll SMELL the difference and never go back. 


I know, this is kind of funny, but we love natural olives!  Now when we eat those black olives from the store, they are mushy and tasteless.  The olives we get from Azure are so yummy and firm. Mmmm!

Organic Tomato Paste

Usually I keep a case of organic tomato paste on hand.  Yes, you can buy this at the local health food store, but I’m a case sort of gal, and you do save some pennies buying it that way.  Our pizza sauce is simply tomato paste, water and an Italian seasoning (also from Azure). 

Organic Applesauce

We’re all about applesauce these days.  It’s so yummy and simple for the kids to grab.  We especially love the Peach Apple Sauce from Azure and buy it by the case.  I have plans to can my own applesauce this fall. 

Bubbies Pickles

Seriously, you’ve never had pickles until you’ve had these amazing pickles.  Not only are they the best tasting pickles ever,– they are like taking probiotic pills!  We eat them everyday!!

Spelt Grain

As you’ve seen in many of my videos, I use whole grain spelt for homemade bread.  Azure carries my favorite Spelt for grinding.

Steel Cut Oats

When my kids go to other people’s houses and have oatmeal, they come home and ask, “What’s wrong with their oatmeal? It was yucky.”  HAHA  Poor kids.  They don’t know that there is anything besides steel cut oats because that’s all we eat.  We keep a 5 gallon bucket full at all times. 

Cocoa Powder

Oregon Spice is the brand of spices that Azure sells, and we like all their stuff. The cocoa powder is especially good!

Olive Oil & Coconut Oil

Often I purchase my oils from Azure.  They have a great selection of high quality oils.  


They have some of the BEST prices on honey, hands down, which is delicious honey as well! 

Boxes of Fresh Fruit (seasonal) 

Usually we order a box or two of whatever fruit is in season.  This is my kiddos’ free range snack — as everyone is welcome to the box of apples at any time.

Sea Salt or RealSalt

Finally, we always get our salt from Azure… yes… by the case.  

This is not in any way a compete list, but it is my core list of Azure Standard items.  I realize that some of you will not be on an Azure Standard route. That’s okay, they do ship UPS anything that’s not refrigerated or frozen.  There are also other co-ops similar to this around the country.

If eating organic and natural food is getting expensive, look into this or another company that offers lower rates on natural food when you buy in bulk!

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  1. Thanks Kayla! This is great to know. I was wondering if you find a difference in the quality or price of fresh produce between Azure and Bountiful Baskets? Is one a better deal than the other or does one seem to be higher quality than the other? We’ve only done bountiful baskets once so it is hard to tell.

    1. Post

      Laura, great question! Bountiful Basket pricing is hard to beat. It’s just so inexpensive! I still order from them occasionally when the “extras” draw me in, but mostly, their main produce basket here is not so tasty. Azure produce has been really good for me on most accounts, but veggies don’t really last a month. I get produce from both Azure, BB and even from Costco!

  2. Thanks Kayla! We are far from Costco and have not purchased produced from Azure before – maybe it is time to start! THanks for sharing your experience.

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