Adrenal Support Video Series

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Dear Worn Out Moms, Fried Dads, and More Exhausted that You Should be People Everywhere,

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Continually function below your body’s optimum steals from your family, and prevents you from completing your mission in life. If you found out that you were diabetic today, would you implement the dietary changes needed to save your life? If it was a life and death decision, most of us certainly would make some serious changes.

Adrenal wellness is vital to vibrant living. I am so passionate about seeing people, and especially the body of Chris ,walk in vibrance so they can fulfill their God given mission in life that I have decided to do a 6 part video series on just that! Please join me as I share my story and what I do to support better adrenal health.


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  1. Hi Kayla,
    Yes, I am ready to give up on myself. So tired. I get mad at myself for not making better choices and doing the things I know I should do. I do okay for a day or two and then fall back. I know I have adrenal fatigue and after what you said, I think I did as a kid too. I always felt sluggish and my mother always said to stop acting so dopey. Now I also have Type 2 diabetes and am overweight. No wonder I can’t follow through and grow my YL biz and just function normally. I don’t think I know what it is like to feel good. Thanks for doing this.
    I need to go back and redo the boot camp. I can’t seem to remember and retain much, feel scattered, and overwhelmed; a vicious cycle. Some people say I don’t want it bad enough or don’t have enough discipline. That just makes me want to cry and feel like I will never succeed or be well.

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