7 Things You Should Do Everyday

#1 Drink a Cup of Warm/Hot Lemon Water

There are so many benefits to drinking lemon water every morning—from cleansing your system to supporting a healthy liver—I would have to write an entire article to list them all.  Squeeze half a lemon in warm/hot water, and drink it every morning as a simple way to support health in your body. Need to know more?  Read this article.

#2 Converse with God

Relationships are about talking, listening, and just spending time together.  We understand that when it comes to human relationships, but somehow tend to think that since God is God, He knows everything about us, so we don’t really need to take time to talk to Him.  Wrong!  He longs to hear from us, He desires to speak to us, and He wants to just spend time with us.  Never neglect this time.  It is the backbone of all life.

#3 Lay Hands on Your Children and Spouse and Pray/Prophesy Over Them

Laying on of hands and praying over your family is a very, VERY Biblical action which is missing from a lot of modern day evangelical homes.  Speaking a blessing, calling for gifts, and praying scripture over your family is spiritual warfare of the highest degree.  It will make your home a mighty fortress of God and cause your children to turn their hearts toward God and love Him.

#4 Learn Something New

Expand your mind, broaden your skills, have some fun!  Try to learn something new every single day.  Whether it’s reading a good Theological book (my favorite), learning to paint, reading about health, or trying a new recipe, do something that isn’t the “same ole, same ole” routine!

#5 Exercise for at Least 20 Minutes

I love exercise.  I hate it too, but mostly I love it.  My favorite workout right now is Revelation Wellness TV because I have access to MANY MANY different workouts, and I can do something different everyday.  I really enjoy the admonishment in the Lord and Godly inspiration sprinkled throughout these workouts as well.

Other great workouts would be T-Tapp, a wonderful wellness workout that I taught for many years.  Or getting a personal trainer online who can workout with you via Skype. I’ve worked with Jessica Vaughn and had FABULOUS results!

#6 Use High Quality Supplements

There is a lot of great supplements out there, and it’s a little overwhelming to decide which supplements would be most beneficial to you personally.  The best I can do for you is to simply share what I use daily, and why I choose these from the millions.

Most importantly, I use essential oils daily.  I feel this a big reason that my family enjoys very good health the last 4 years.  We use oils for everything you can image!  Our personal choice of essential oils is the Young Living brand.

Most days I make myself a protein drink.  I like to mix my protein powders, and I like to use plant based proteins because I have an intolerance to cows milk.  I mix Power Meal (rice based) and Hemp Protein.  I also like to add a little Maca powder for adrenal support.   I’ve recently started taking JuvaPower in Pineapple juice and JuvaTone tablets everyday as well to support my liver.  I will probably do this for a month on, two months off, or some such schedule.

Other supplements I use off and on, listening to my Body’s needs include:  Gaia herbs adrenal and thyroid supplements. I LOVE enzymes Essentialzyme and Detoxzyme.  I also love Super B for energy.  I give this to my teenage daughter when she needs it as well.  Life 5 probiotics is something I try to take every evening before bed, on an empty stomach.  And of course, I drink NingXia Red every single day for antioxidant support and energy!  All Young Living Supplements can be purchased with a Wholesale account which you can get here! Open a Wholesale Account  Young Living produces the highest quality supplements which are used overseas at health clinics for chronic diseases not mentioned here. 😉

#7 Connect with Friends

Relationship is very important.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in your life, and in your world, and what your doing and not cultivate the relationships in front of you.  This is especially dangerous for those of us in the online world.  God placed you in your location for a reason.  The people in your circle are there for YOU to connect with, and love on.  Don’t miss out on them!