7 Signs the Entitlement Has the Drop on You

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1) You Feel Pretty Darn Accomplished 
It’s actually healthy and good to feel confident in your skills. But if you’ve reached a point where you no longer feel just a little under qualified, or that you really can’t improve anymore, then perhaps entitlement and pride are knocking on your door asking for your destiny. Confidence is not being the most accomplished. True confidence is rooted in knowing that you are doing what God asked of you, even if it’s not as pretty as other people you know.

2) You’re Coasting Instead of Growing
The spirit of entitlement says, “You’re good just the way you are.” It’s sneaky. Sometimes people call this spirit “good self esteem” and tell you that you SHOULD feel good just the way you are. I don’t see that concept in God’s design. I see God accepting people, as they are to grow them as He is, but never to stay as they are. If you believe that you don’t need to grow and your character doesn’t need anymore work, entitlement has you by the throat and your destiny will never be realized. Your calling is found in the battlefield, not on the bed sleeping.

3) Everyone Around You is Less “Qualified” Than You
The day you wake up and realize that you are top dog in your circle, you can be sure that entitlement has convinced you that you deserve to be first. It’s a lie. We don’t deserve to be first. We don’t deserve anything. Our role is to “owe no man anything but to love one another.” Growth will not happen without surrounding yourself completely with people more accomplished than yourself – these are the folks who bring out the best in you.

4) You’re Easily Offended 
Entitlement says, “who the heck do you think you are?” It is not humble. It does not receive instruction. Its first thought is not the benefit of the doubt. Love on the other hand, assumes the best. Love listens to understand. A heart of love accepts you might have made someone else feel bad and seeks to correct your mistakes in humility.

5) You do Most of the Talking 
Have you ever left a conversation and realized that you don’t know a thing about that person? Guess who did all the talking? Oh ouch. Entitlement leads you to believe that life is all about you and that you should get to express yourself at any time and in any way you feel led. That is not God’s truth. There is a discipline of the tongue and a discipline of the ears and of the mind. You can tell yourself to be still, to listen and you can even tell yourself that you GET to be interested in someone else’s life!

6) You Fantasize About People Giving You Things
Although we’ve probably all done this, “if only my rich aunt would pay off my house, then I’d be set! I’m sure she has that money just sitting around… she’d never even notice with all the dough she’s got.” We all want instant relief from the financial strain we CHOSE to be under, but instant relief isn’t stewardship. And the Word is very clear on the point of Stewardship… it says that you’ll “reap what you sow” and that we should be glad for the opportunity to get stronger by actually doing the right thing instead of the entitled thing. Sometimes after you started doing the hard (right) thing, you will experience a miracle… but if you find yourself dreaming about it, it might not be the spirit of God talking to you about what should happen, but rather, entitlement looking for a way out of the consequences.

7) You’re Jealous of Other People’s Success 
Entitlement looks at the success of other people and says, “why them? Why not me?” Listen, entitlement isn’t a spirit of growth; it’s a spirit of bondage. When we fail to celebrate others achievements or we get jealous of what they have, we’re putting ourselves in bondage and ensuring that we will never succeed.

If you find the spirit of entitlement hanging out in your life, grab it by the throat (“I see you entitlement.”), hold it in the light (“I confess.”) and command it to go in Jesus name. Then fill you heart with truth Word and replace it with humility.

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