Episode #37 Hula Hoop Tutorial #1; Choosing Your Hoop

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Episode #37

Hula Hoop Tutorial #1; Choosing Your Hoop

This 6 part series is designed to get you hula hooping in no time flat!  We'll cover all the basics and details you need to know in order to get started with the right tools and with good form.  Hula hooping will be so much easy and more fun once you've implemented these simple tweaks!

Today's video includes references to WHERE you can purchase a hula hoop:

#1 Make Your Own Hoop

#2 Purchase a handmade hoop from Hoopy Thoughts

#3 Purchase a hoop from Hoopnotica (note: don't buy the travel hoops)


Hoops should be 38-44 inches in diameter.  If you are getting a custom made hoop, it should reach your belly button if you held it in front of you. 

Also, hoops should have some kind of "grip" tape on them to help your hand have more traction for gripping. =)

As always, comments and questions are welcome below!

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