Minister to your husband

10 Ways to Minister to Your Husband

10 Ways to Minister to Your Husband

Over the last 18 months, I have been under the mentorship of a truly Godly, sweet, older woman.  Dr. Lavonne Atnip groomed me personally each month to grow and become more of what God made me to be.  We spent a special amount of time going over her 101 ways to minister to your husband.  We only made it about one third of the way through because we’d discuss each suggestion thoroughly before moving on to the next topic.

This past week Dr Lavonne passed away after a very, very short battle with cancer.  She was taken so suddenly, and so fast.  The notebook I now own, filled with wisdom and counsel from her, is a very treasured possession to me.  In honor of her memory, I wanted to share the first 10 ways to minister to your husband that she taught me.

I’m not going to comment, or give extended teaching on each.  Most of these things are actually practical wisdom that should be commonplace.  But something about the way she shared them gave me fresh revelation for how I should treat my husband.  I’m praying that today as you read these, God will speak to your spirit and give you fresh revelation as well!

1. Communicate with him.  Never close him out.

2. Regard him as important and let him know he is important to you, second only to God.

3. Be interested in his friends, and give him time to be with his friends.

4. Ask his opinion of any given thing frequently.

5. Value what he says, even if it’s a different opinion than yours.

6. Let him feel your approval and affection.  Speak into his emotions.

7. Protect his dignity on a daily basis.

8. Be tender with him, realizing he has feelings also.

9. Foster an atmosphere of laughter in your home and look for ways to laugh together.

10. Avoid sudden major changes with discussion,– giving him time to adjust.

Kayla Howard & Dr. Lavonne Atnip