10 Social Media Tips for Direct Sales Business Owners

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Everyday I see people working hard to build a business using Social Media, and everyday I see a lot of mistakes that are costing people business. Social media is DRIVEN by relationship and how much people value what you say— it’s rarely ever about products. Here are my top 10 tips for direct sales business owners using social media:

1. Don’t put your company logo, company catalog, or anything but your own face as your profile image on your business page.

2. People don’t really care what rank you are in your company. They really only want to know if you care about them and if you have something that they need or want.

3. People actually don’t even care what company you’re with until they know you and connect with you. In fact, putting your company foremost will likely turn them off from following you.

4. DO link your business page to your personal! But do so by saying you are “CEO and Founder at YOUR NAME PAGE” IMO, this is the strongest and most interesting way to link your business.

5. You don’t “work at young living oils” or whatever your company is… you are an independent business owner.

6. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Avoid leading with your knowledge and your accomplishments— that’s a big turn off.  Lead with a servants heart.

7. Scroll through your business page… would you want to follow you? Do you provide anything worth following?

8. Building your business using the online/social media method is REALLY HARD WORK. In fact,  it’s a lot harder than just doing local classes. Want to go quick? Do local classes. Want to be good a SM? Plan on dedicating a lot of time to learning and honing your skills.

9. Social media is all about others, others, others. SERVE, SERVE, SERVE. Encourage, enCOURAGE, ENcourage. 😉

10. Yes you can. If this homeschool girl from nowhere-in-north-Idaho can do it, so can you. <3

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