Essential Oils in the Bible

12 Essential Oils Found in the Bible & Their Uses

Kayla Howard Health 3 Comments

Essential oils and aromatic herbs were HIGHLY esteemed and daily used by the Hebrews, Jews, early Christians and their neighbors. 46 books of the Bible mention essential oils or aromatic plants! If the use of aromatics was supportive of wellness then, it is supportive of wellness now. I passionately believe that the addition of essential oils to every home will …

Should Christians Use Essential Oils?

Kayla Howard Self Care 10 Comments

Should Christian use essential oils? What does the Bible really say about essential oils AS WE KNOW them today? This certainly is a controversial subject.  I’ve had people write me and say they can’t use essential oils because they are new age, tell me that only some companies are suitable for Christian folk, or just plain state that medicine is more …