Printable Savvy Minerals Makeup Tools

Recently I found myself searching for some flyers that I could use to share Savvy Minerals Makeup with people… I wanted a single paper, front and back, that would showcase all the products, ingredients and pricing…but I didn’t find anything. Which “forced” me to open up my graphics programs and get to work!

Although I made these for myself and my team, once I was done with these graphics, I realized that other Young Living people had the same issue that I did when it came to finding a pretty flyer they could use… so I made a whole set that is now available for digital download and print!

With this set of printable graphics, you’ll get:

  • 5×7 Savvy Minerals Makeup Card (for writing colors down for people) (PNG & PDF)
  • 3 Options for the Back of that Card (PNG & PDF)
  • A Matching Flyer with All the Makeup, Ingredients and Pricing (PDF)
  • BONUS– Postcard Size (PDF) Makeup Cards

These are downloadable files that you can print yourself, or take to Staples/printing location and have printed for you!!!!!!! You’ll pay a $10 one time fee to get your personal license (not for your whole team, just you) to use them!!!!!!! (YES! We like saving money!!!!!)

Includes 3 Color Options – BOLD, SOFT or ROSE