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  1. Yeah Kayla! You did it…thank you for the video…very helpful! No more slouching…now I will hear your voice throughout the day. 🙂

  2. thanks for the reminder!! I think I’ve also been tiring my traps out..they’re always sore and I still slouch anyways. Will start practicing this right away!

  3. Great Kayla! Thanks for sharing! I hope to use this with some in my class–I know a few of them still aren’t getting the shoulders back correctly so this should really help!


  4. Hi, I am a hairstylist, been one for years, and I have noticed a trend in recent years….which is more and more clients are slouchers….I think it has to do with the use of computers and cell phones (texting/gaming,etc.) I constantly struggle with continually asking people to sit up straight in the chair. I am short,so when a person slouches, it is very challenging for me to reach the correct way, thus causing me to have to slouch…..We need to educate our kids not to slouch again….there is a whole new generation coming up that is going to have terrible neck/back troubles.

  5. I am doing this along with you and when I lifted my ribs it began to ache in the middle of my back. What does this mean?

    1. Hey! You are probably trying to squeeze the shoulder blades together a little too much. Aim to activate down the sides of the back—does that make sense?

    1. Kayla, I did a two week challenge of focusing on my posture and I wanted to share my results! I lost a total on 1.25 inches everywhere by focusing on my posture and doing a few simple floor exercises almost every day (ESLA, OIPHF, LB, CC). So excited!

  6. Kayla, I just signed up for your program, and this video is very instructive. As I was following your instructions, I did feel some ache (not really pain) in the right where you showed the position of the lats. Is that feeling those muscles being activated?

  7. Kayla, I'm a new T-Tapper and after 6 weeks just now figuring out the "lift ribs" move and that my traps are not my lats. You gave such great visual demos. That helped because I'm not much of a science or anatomy person.

  8. Hi Kayla, Im a newbie to t-tapp and I couldnt see the video past the first few seconds. I have just finished day 4 of the Instructional #1 Basic Workout Plus; I have had so much energy since I began that I over did it in doing alot of deep cleaning around the house…so this morning I woke up to a swollen knee! Common sense is telling me to rest it and see how i am tomorrow? Also, Is there a posting of the word meanings used in t-tapp: BWO, PBS, eod, etc.  Thank you for your blog(-:

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