Feeling lost about which “diet” is the right one?  Does the mention of the word “diet” make you want to run away screaming even though you know it plays a key role in losing those extra pounds?

woman choose from sweet cake and red apple

It’s crazy! There are literally thousands of miracle weight loss programs and products on the market. —You’ve probably even tried a handful yourself, only to end in dissatisfaction after months of limited eating which left you frustrated.  In the end, the only thing lighter was your pocketbook, and you were left feeling like a failure when you were striving to be a winner.

The truth is, you can be victorious in this battle against the bulge!  And you can enjoy a real life while doing it, along with lots of REAL FOOD!

Would you like to master your efforts to slim down and maintain your ideal weight without any expensive supplements or over-the-top exercise routines?

It’s totally possible while EATING satisfying whole foods.  The truth is, it’s not food that makes you fat,– it’s the wrong type of food. 

You probably know that there are simple basics for healthy living, but it may seem overwhelming when you see the shelves full of health and diet books at the store.  Maybe the idea of healthy eating fills your mind with images of tasteless, boring fiber that leaves you feeling bloated and absolutely dissatisfied?  Or perhaps fear of spending hours in a grocery aisle while you pour over labels has dissuaded you from eating whole foods?

I spent those hours reading studying and experimenting in my own kitchen.  Now you can learn my secrets and take control of these challenges as we delve into the world of delicious whole foods!  Learn just how to incorporate real foods in place of refined products (replacing those items low in nutritional value and high in empty calories).  

Eating isn’t about deprivation!  It should be one of life’s greatest joys!


When we feel limited, we feel deprived!  We all want choices!  But for most of us, when we think of whole foods, we think of apples and carrots and maybe daily green drinks; we don’t see many options!  This guide is stacked from top to bottom with nutritious, flavorful options from snacks to full menu items.

  • Nervous about the cost of whole foods and the time required preparing them?  Learn time-saving tips and how-to-buy hints!
  • Overcome the most challenging areas of food preparation; healthy lunches & satisfying snacks.  (No! Quick Lunches don’t have to be boxed or pre-packaged!)   Numerous ideas for fresh, fast and fabulous!
  • Don’t want to cook two meals?  (One for your family & one for you?)  Hints for upgrading YOUR family’s favorite recipes!

For me, flavorful food is essential!!  Really?!  Why eat it if it doesn’t taste great?!  Learn to load whole foods with vibrancy that will satisfy all your senses!

  • Mouth-Watering Dinner Options
  • Cooking Oil Essentials
  • How & When to Use Herbs to Boost Flavor & Nutrition!
  • Avoid the Pitfalls of Fanatical Whole-Food Eating; the dangers to steer-clear of

Wise food choices will cause you to look and feel years younger!  You will not only win the “battle over the bulge,” but you will gain back your vitality & health!

Learn how to kick the fake food habit — Replace JUNK with a REAL LIFE & REAL FOOD using my easy-to-follow, 39 page e-book, including an 8 week food journal.

“A Practical Guide to Real Food”  Kick your FAKE food habit deliciously! by Kayla Howard

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