How to Create Online Products

Do you have a digital product inside of you? 
It’s time to release it!


Have you thought about creating an…

eBook, digital course, audio training, PDF, or video of some kind?

This is the workshop that will take you from idea to finish line.


  • Instant Access to Videos
  • Work at Your Own Pace
  • Fresh Ideas
There Are
What will you create?

Who are you?

Whether you are a business owner, stay at home mom, blogger, social media expert, or ministry–you will learn step by step how to create your first eBook (or digital product of choice) to share with the world from your personal website.

Yes you can!

This workshop is a specifically designed step-by-step map to producing your digital product so that you walk away with your creation in hand. That means we assign work, and expect completed assignments each step of the way.

This is NOT another confusing class on theory and speculation of how to do something online. You will learn how to cross the finish line!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to go from Idea to Product
  • Stylizing & PDF Creation
  • Step by Step Instructions for Setting Up Your eBook
  • How to get your work in people’s hands
  • DIY Graphic Art Work
  • Use FREE Programs & Simple Tools you ALREADY Own
  • Walk away with a completed project!

2017 Is Your YEar to Release Your Product

Get INSTANT access to this workshop where you’ll learn the skills that will save you thousands of dollars! I’ve personally paid $300-$500 (on the cheap side) per project to get someone to format my eBooks and products. This does not have to be you!!!!!

Use your completed digital product as a free opt in offer on your website, sell it, share it on social media or simply use it as a spring-board to create bigger things.

This class is NOT for: those who won’t finish what they start. We also are not covering how to get your book published by someone else, or putting it in kindle format. This is purely for those wanting to write, design, and release their product from their own platform as quickly, and simply as possible.

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